Alano Miller: Everything You Wish to Know About the American Star and His Relationship

Popular actor, Alano Miller, as handsome as he is dedicated to his roles.

Bearing the tag as the last born of a successful family should make Alano Miller become entitled but if for anything, it boosted his work ethics.  The American actor is one focused individual with the average all-male desire to narrow down on specifics.

Miller who was active in sports in high school has become the decorated actor and public speaker that we know today without the unnecessary drama that is the life of Hollywood celebrities.

While the 40-year old star is married to actress DeWanda Wise, they are yet to have kids. So, in this post, we will unravel the life of the American star, Allan Miller, who is a strong motivation for several black boys in the states.

The Bright Early Life of Alano Miller

Alano Miller was born on the 1st of December 1979 and will be 41 years old in December, 2020. He was born Alano Herberto Miller with mixed ethnicity (Cuban, Jamaican, and Bahamian) and is the son of an architect and an educator. Miller is the youngest of eight children and is a native of Orlando Florida.

At the age of five, Alano Miller fell in love with public speaking. He went rolling into public speaking so much that by the time he graduated from high school, he amassed public speaking related awards like the Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical award, the Key to the City of Orlando, Elks of the World, and Modern Woodsman of America.


Miller attended the Seabreeze High School at Daytona Beach, Florida. During his teen, Miller joined up to become a lifeguard at the Daytona Beach.

He was also very strong academically that he won the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts Award out of 8,500 students nationwide. On the scholarship side, Miller received the Presidential Scholar Award from President Bill Clinton In 1997.

Alano Miller’s parents influenced his choice of career. He chose to study Arts in college and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Theater Arts and Film. Not satisfied with a bachelor’s degree, Miller went ahead to obtain a Master of Fine Arts degree from Penn State University.

His first theatrical role was in Oliver Twist and ever since Miller has featured in over twenty movies and television series.

Height, Weight & Body Statistics

Growing up, Alano Miller was on the large side. He was quite overweight and had to struggle with body image, seeing himself as not sexually appealing. But through a lifetime dedication to body goals, Miller now weighs 65kg. His chest measurement 40 inches. His waist size is 30 inches’ and he is 6′ 2″ (1.88 m) tall.

Alano Miller the Actor

Following graduation from college, Alano carved a niche for himself in acting. He makes appearances in movies, theatrical plays, and television shows. He featured in the television show, Royal Pians (2011), and 2012 movies such as Damages and Vegas. 2013 saw Miller gracing us with his acting skills in Golden Boy and Ironside. Meanwhile, it is to his credit that we have Stalker and Wild Blue; all 2014 movies.

Later on, Miller starred in NCIS, Atlanta, Underground, Shots Fired, Half and Catch Fire and Cherish the Day (2017).  He also made star appearances in movies such as The Champagne (2008), Loop Planes (2010), and Hector is Gonna Kill Nate (2010). Other movies that Alano Miller had starred include All Wifed Out (2013), Wish You Well (2013), Loving (2016), and White Face (2017). While he deserved his role as Lacy in the more recent movie, Sylvie’s Love (2020), Champagne is Alano Miller’s debut movie.

In the movies and television shows, Miller has also featured in impressive theatres such as Oliver Twist, Nathan Louis, and Marcus. Other theatrical plays include The Secret of Sweet, In the Red, Brown Water, and The Brother’s Size. Miller’s favorite actor is Chris Hemsworth and Emma Watson is his favorite actress. He will forever hold Game of Thrones as his favorite Television Show. If only he was given a role in the HBO series


Playing the role of a lover boy is indeed his reality. Sometime in 2009, Miller fell in love with DeWanda Wise, the She’s Gotta Have It star, and three months later (that same year), they married. Miller has only one past relationship connected to him of which you’ll find almost no info about.

For now, Dewanda is everything to him, and we know that she is a graduate of Drama and Urban Studies at New York University. The couple is Vegan and they look forward to opening their bakery in California. They live in Pasadena, California, and interestingly, Dewanda is a native of Baltimore.

Achievements and Net Worth

Alano Miller is an awardee of the 1997 Presidential Scholar Award. He was recently awarded the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Motion Picture. Also, he is a six-time Martin Luther King Jr Oratorical Winner, a recipient of the Key to the City of Orlando Award and an Elks of the World titleholder.  Miller also holds the coveted National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts Award. Besides these, Miller had the Most Outstanding Senior Award lurking in his shelf.

Asides from loving his wife Dewanda, Miller loves to play basketball and football. Currently, his net worth is between $1 million to $5 million, gathered from acting and advertisement contracts.

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Alano Miller is a born talker. Although not much is known about his personal life, nevertheless, it is sufficient to say at this point that he is homely. Still enjoying a hot, sizzling romance with his dark beauty, Alano is content being an actor and a lover. Reputably, he makes the bulk of his wealth from acting.

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