Gina Montana Now: The Untold Story of the Movie Superstar That is Focusing on Television Shows.

The name Gina Montana may strike a chord with people of recent generations. For those who saw the classic Scarface in 1980, they can reconcile whenever there is a mention of Tony Montana with Gina Montana. This can also be another case for marginalisation of the female gender. But that is by the way. The question is, where is Gina Montana now since the name barely rings a bell. We will reveal in detail who Gina Montana is and how she got the name in the first place. 

Gina Montana now
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Who is Gina Montana?

Many people do not know that the name Gina Montana is a character in the movie Al Pacino starred in – Scarface. For a name reveal, Gina’s real name is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Naturally, Mastrantonio is gifted as an actress but starring beside someone as huge as Al Pacino swallowed her character. If you saw the movie Scarface you may be tempted to think there was something incestuous going on between the characters Tony Montana and his sister Gina Montana. The synergy between the duo was strong in the series. 

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was born on November 17, 1958, in Chicago. She was born to Mary Dominica and Frank A. Mastrantonio. Her parents were of Italian descent. She was brought up in Oak Park, Illinois. Mary had her education at the University of Illinois. During summer breaks, she worked at the Opryland USA theme park to survive during her college days. Not too many details about her personal life are in the public eye. But, she was quite popular for her roles in several movies which won her awards in the process. 

Gina Montana Now: Her Career

After her appearance alongside Al Pacino in Scarface, her performance drew attention to her talent. Nobody would have prayed for more than the launchpad Gina Montana made after that movie. Three years after Scarface, Mary played a key role in The Color of Money, where she starred alongside Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. These guys would go on to dominate the movie industry. The Color of Money got a nomination for an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award. What other launch can you get from being a fringe cast to being the centre of an award-nominated movie? 

Mastrantonio has appeared in other movies like Slam Dance, The Abyss, The January Man, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, where she played Maid Marian. Two of her most recent films to date include The Perfect Storm and Standing Room Only. 

Mary Elizabeth Decided To Switch From Film Roles To Television Roles 

After marrying the love of her life, Pat O’Connor in 1990, the Gina Montana actress decided to focus more on television roles so as to be there for her growing family. She later had two sons, Jack and Declan O’Connor. To further prove that her family comes first to her, Mary relocated with her family to London, England. In London, she constantly was on the lookout for TV roles that wouldn’t eat into her time for her family. In an interview with The Philippine Inquirer in 2000, Mastrantonio said: “My dream is that my kids will think, ‘Golly, my parents stay home every day for a living, why can’t I?’’ According to Elizabeth, she loved how her father was always available for them as kids. She would love to do this for her kids even if it means cutting off lucrative jobs.


Gina Montana now
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The Gina Montana Actress Believed Hollywood Focused on Profits

“There is no art form in cinema anymore,” Elizabeth said in an interview. Elizabeth believes the quality in Hollywood movies has dropped as producers and directors are more interested in profits instead of good acting. 

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What is Gina Montana Now Doing?

After shunning film roles for television roles, Gina has found roles to come by. But, she is satisfied with that. Today, the Gina Montana character has appeared in Blindspot among a few others. Blindspot is the latest television series she appeared in. She has appeared in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Blue Bloods, Hostages, The Punisher (2017), Without A Trace, among many others. 

Mary Doesn’t Watch The Films She Appears in

It must be some form of ritual. With more than four decades in Hollywood, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio does not like watching movies or shows she features in. The beautiful actress prefers to watch other actors add a few elements to her acting. 

Has Mary Won Any Awards?

For her stage performance in the New York Shakespeare Festival productions of Henry V, Measure for Measure, and Twelfth Night, she got nominations. Mary got nominations for a Tony Award and two Drama Desk Awards. So, she hasn’t won any awards but she got recognition for her industry in the industry (no pun intended). 

Gina Montana now
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We have answered the question, where is Gina Montana now. As you have found out in this article, Gina is the same person as Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. She is doing fine with her family and she still has it in her as confirmed in her recent roles.

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