What Is The Candyman True Story? Get All The Details Here

29 years later, Candyman is still as spine-chilling as ever. It is one of the most popular and creepiest slasher movies ever. 2021 revamp of candyman is a sequel to the 1992 film, it is also the fourth title in the franchise. The movie is about the cringe-worthy experience of an artist called Anthony McCoy. Anthony relocates to a deluxe apartment with his girlfriend in the Cabrini Green neighborhood.

The neighborhood used to be a nefarious housing project which became suburbanized over the years. Coincidentally,  Anthony encounters the gory legend of Candyman. He began to dig deep into the story in an attempt to find inspiration for his artwork but interestingly, things went south real quick.

Candyman True Story
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The movie gave an insight into contemporary social issues like poverty, police indifference, drugs, and racism that plague black community. Although Candyman is a sinister horror movie, it seems to have blurred the lines between fiction and non-fiction as it got fans asking if it’s an original story and the possibility of candyman being real.

The Real Story Behind Candyman

There are diverse versions of candyman, however, the fact that it is too real to be fiction doesn’t make it any less fiction. As a matter of fact, it was borne out of a 1985 short story titled ‘The Forbidden’ by prolific English playwright and novelist Clive Barker. 

The Candyman true storywas set in the 1870s Chicago, about a black artist named Daniel Robitaille, commissioned to paint Caroline. Caroline was the daughter of a white wealthy landowner. unprecedentedly,  they fell in love, and their love affair caused turmoil.  Eventually, a mob lynched him and cut off his right hand with a rusty blade. Afterward, they covered him in honey to attract bees and left him for dead.

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The Candyman True Story

The first screen narration of the candyman franchise was in 1992. Where Tony Todd starred as candyman. the setting of the story changed from Liverpool, England, to Chicago, Illinois. In the movie, the vindictive ghost of candyman torments Helen Lyle, a graduate student who was researching his gory legend.

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Candyman Has A Touch With Reality

Although the candyman true story is fictional, some aspects of the retold story tally with a couple of true-life stories. However, the background story gives an insight into the unjust anti-miscegenation laws in the past.

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 Also, In the 1940s Before the suburbanization of Cabrini-Green’s neighborhood, the area used to be notorious for crime and poverty. 2021 candyman adopts the story of a 52-year-old woman called Ruthie Mae McCoy from Grace Abbott Homes, near Cabrini Street,  in 1987. Shortly after she made a 911 call about someone trying to break in through a hole in her bathroom cabinet, she was found dead with a bullet wound.

Interesting Facts About Candyman

  •  The producers of the movie worried that the movie would be tagged as racist and eventually some people still complained about racism.
  •  Sandra Bullock would have starred as the female lead, Helen if Madison had been unable to deliver.
  • The bees in the movie were reared and trained to appear on the screen. They were 12-hour olds with fewer sting effects.
  • Not all the details of the movie are fictional. Some of them like behind the medicine counter were inspired by real-life events; the death of Ruthie Mae McCoy
  • The majority of Candyman’s scenes were shot in Cabrini-Green
  • The phenomenal Eddie Murphy would have been Candyman instead of Tony Todd but at the time, the makers of the film couldn’t afford his rates.
  • Tony Todd negotiated an extra fee of $1,000 for every time he got stung by a bee which told 23 times giving him a bonus of $23,000.
  • The 2021 candyman is the 4th title in the franchise


Apart from the fictional part of the candyman story, it has a touchpoint with reality. The Candyman true story sheds light on social and racial issues that are still very much present in today’s world. Including law as hideous as the anti-miscegenation that birthed the vindictive candyman.

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