Is Aisha Hinds Gay?: Find Out Latest Info on Age, Bio, Husband, Lesbian, Net Worth 2021

If this name doesn’t ring a bell, you sure must know that bald black lady in the fantasy movie, ‘True Blood.’ If you remember, well, there you go. Her style is unmistakable.

You wouldn’t believe it before she decided to go fully bald, she had doubts about it. But now, it is her signature, talk about bold steps.

In this article, you will know all about the scintillating biography of this amazing actress and social activist. So many questions have arisen because of her strong personality, one of which is, is Aisha Hinds gay? You’ll get to find out the truth about her sexuality in this piece, come along.

Quick facts About Aisha Hinds

  • Name: Aisha Jamila Hinds
  • Date of Birth: November 13, 1975
  • City of Birth: New York
  • Height: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Hair: Bald and Black
  • Eyes: Black

Aisha Hinds has multiple appearances in TV movies. One genre she excels most in is thriller, drama, playing the role of a law enforcement agent. A role she plays with reckless ease.

This is not to say she doesn’t body other roles as good, but she just has a way of interpreting the role expertly. While she is one of the best actors out there, she has also shown interest in social activism.

Aisha Hinds’ Early Life

The beautiful actress and activist was born on November 13, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York. Her full name is Aisha Jamila Hinds.

There isn’t information about her parents’ background, so we do not know what her parents are, or their names for that matter. Hinds was a student of the High School of Performing Arts, where she honed her acting skills.

Aisha Hinds’ Professional Career

Her first appearance on TV as a professional actress came in 2003 in the police drama series “NYPD Blue.” Her interpretation of her role got her to play Annie Price in the widely acclaimed American crime drama “The Shield.” She appeared in 8 episodes of the TV series.

Aisha also guest-starred in Boston Legal, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Crossing Jordan, Desperate Housewives, Cold Case, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and several others. Hinds’ filmography is incredible. She was a regular on ABC series Invasion between 2005 and 2006. The series however couldn’t continue because nobody picked it up.

One of Hinds’s best performances is arguably in Stephen King’s adapted movie, CBS series Under the Dome, where she produced some sterling acting. In 2014, she played the recurring role of Chief Investigator Ava Wallace on the CBS police series, NCIS: Los Angeles.

Two years later, Hinds was spotless in her depiction of the political activist Harriet Tubman in the WGN American drama, Underground. Many described her performance as immaculate, a tag we have come to associate with Aisha Hinds. To further emphasize her social activism inclination, she took on the role of civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer in the HBO biographical drama film All The Way.

Another proof of Hinds range is her appearance in critically acclaimed movies like “Mr. Brooks”, “Unstoppable”, “Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail,” and one movie in the Star Trek franchise “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”

This is not all, she has also had roles on the stage. Again, this testifies to her natural talent. She played a leading role in the production “The Best of Enemies,” performed at George Street Playhouse in New Jersey in 2011.

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Aisha as an Activist

Aisha is a social activist for the rights of people of color. According to her, her strong involvement in social activism was the unfair conviction of her uncle of a crime he never committed just because he was black.

This fuelled her to participate in initiatives that resonated with the emancipation of black people. One of the initiatives she is on is to raise funds for the release of innocent black persons from jail, by providing a good attorney to help them win the cases.

Is Aisha Hinds Gay?

The strong personality of Aisha has led many to question her sexuality. Some believe that her aura gives her away as a lesbian. There have been debates about Aisha Hinds’ gay inclinations.

While all of this was going on, Hinds never mentioned anything about it on her social media platforms; her way of giving the middle finger to opinions about what her sexuality is.

If Aisha Hinds Gay Rumours Are Not True, What is?

Every fan wants to know who their favourite celebrity romantic partner is. This passive obsession often leads to unverified rumours. Before her recent announcement, Hinds never talked about her romantic relationships. No one knows if she was into women or if she was into men, all there was were mere rumours.

To put the Aisha Hinds gay rumors to bed, she announced on her Instagram page of her engagement to Silky Valenté, the only person that is associated with her for a long time. Hinds got engaged during the pandemic. Can the gay rumors rest now? (Inserts a smiley here).

Who is Silky Valenté?

Valenté is an event host, entrepreneur and TV personality. He also doubles as a Master of ceremony and is a member of Sound Proof International.

What is Aisha Hinds’ Net Worth?

According to the trustworthy Celebrity Net Worth, Hinds’ net worth is $3million. We still strongly believe that the 45-year-old still has a lot to offer in her acting career. This means more money in the nearest future.


Now you know the Aisha Hinds’ gay rumors aren’t true. The beautiful actress is a role model for many black women out there, not just because of her powerful acting but also her social activism.

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