How Did Antony Starr Get The Dent on His Head? His Career, Net Worth, Relationship

Popular Star, Antony Starr, with his intense look that has won him many roles

It was a long time in his career before Antony Starr would take a lead role or slide into the Hollywood scenes, but when he did, many agreed that it was worth it. For Antony Starr, however, he got a dent on the head for it, and he never knew he was in for plenty of action during the audition of Banshee.

Arguably, one of the standout actors from New Zealand, Antony Starr is the star of New Zealand actors export. He was one of the stars in the American TV series “Banshee” that aired in 2013 till the ending in 2016. He played the character of an ex-con who returns after 15 years in prison to claim the identity of Lucas Hood to become the town’s new Sheriff and seek his former love.

Starr has featured in more television series than movies, and Banshee would be the one many would remember him for. However, he never got any of his awards for his role in Banshee. Let’s take a look into the interesting life of Antony Starr, including his relationship and net worth

Antony Starr Early Life

We don’t know much about Starr, except that he was born on 25 October 1975, in New Zealand. Every other thing is private to him.

We know how bad you want to know about Antony Starr, but this man just doesn’t have a thing for sharing his private life, and we have come to respect that.

Our man, Antony Starr, either never said anything to anyone about his early life or he had mopped the internet clean of it. We do not know who his parents are, neither do we know his relatives. All we know is, there is an Antony Starr, a New Zealand star, shattering the ceiling in Hollywood.

Antony Starr’s Glittering Career

Antony Starr started his career by making cameo appearances in the 1990s epic movies, Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The outcome of these movies set him on the course to the stardom that we now see.

Starr earned his place in the movie scenes from the Outrageous Fortune movie, where he played twins Van and Jethro West – two roles he played so well in the three seasons of the show.

He also played the role of the longest-running character Waverley Wilson in the critically acclaimed Shorthand Street. But his role in the Outrageous Fortune movie earned him several awards.

Meanwhile, Starr didn’t limit his career to just screen movies, he also waded through the waters of theatre productions, starring in Sex with Strangers, a Colin Mitchell directed performance.

In 2011, Starr became a cast in an Australian police drama, Rush, taking a role he didn’t spend so much time on.

He earned his first role on U.S. television as the lead actor in the 2013-2016 television series, Banshee. A role that earned praises from movie enthusiasts and critics alike.

The versatility of Antony Starr needs to be amplified more. This guy played three different roles in a movie, a stunt that seems improbable but true.

In the movie Shortland Street, Starr played different roles. Even though it wasn’t at once, his portrayal of these roles depicts how bright and versatile he is.

In 2016, Starr featured in the crime series, American Gothic, as the star character. The movie that didn’t do particularly well in the box office and of course, commercially but it takes nothing from Antony Starr and didn’t earn him a dent on the head.

How Did Antony Starr Get the Dent in His Head?

Okay, let’s settle this. If you have seen “Banshee,” you must have noticed a dent on the head of Lucas Hood, who is, of course, Antony Starr. The dent was from fights while working with a syndicate who specializes in defrauding people. It was that dent on his head that gave our man, Antony Starr, all the traumatic throwbacks in that movie.

In real life, however, Starr is clean and he has no dent whatsoever on his head. His forehead is clean, no scar.

Is Antony Starr Married?

We already established the fact that Antony Starr is the kingpin of Privacy Ventures Inc. if there’s such a corporation anyway.

We know he is not presently married but we don’t know if the 44-year-old New Zealand star has been married before. It looks like Starr has transformed his detective character in Banshee into real life.

In simple terms, Starr rarely lets out information about his private life.

In any case, camera lights have spotted him more than once with his partner, Lucy McLay. They both aren’t married but they have been seen cozying up together at events.

So, we can say Antony Starr isn’t gay if you think he is and isn’t coming out. He is single and not ready to get married.
But going around with McLay may lead to something we’ll return here to talk about.


Antony Starr’s Height

Standing at an impressive 1.80 meters (5 feet and 11 inches), Starr could pass Starr as a very tall guy. Okay, scratch that! Very? That didn’t come out well. He is tall but not as tall as your average American!

Antony Starr’s Awards

Antony Starr has carted several awards especially in his home country where he is adored.

Among his awards is the Air New Zealand Screen Awards, as the Best Performance by an actor in 2006. He also won the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards for Best Supporting Role in the movie, Wish You Were Here in 2012.

Starr has also received nominations for several awards. We don’t know what the future holds for Starr but it could be more awards.

Antony Starr’s Net worth

As a Hollywood star, it is certain that he really wouldn’t have any worry as regards his funds. However, compared to other A-list actors, Starr is worth U.S$800,000 only. He is satisfied or maybe he is not, but we do know he is resting on his oars.

Here’s what Antony Starr is up to on Instagram.


Known as a serial private individual, this in no way has derailed from his career rise to the top. He should be proud of being a New Zealand star, our man Starr. It is an irreconcilable truth that Starr’s performance in movies is top-notch, emphasizing the immense talent that he has.

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