What Is Barbara Walters’s Health Condition Now?

According to reports, the last time Barbara Walters was spotted in public was in 2016. This begs the question, where is Barbara Walters now? The iconic journalist built a 65years long legacy for herself in broadcast journalism. She is famous for her eloquence and poise in hosting shows. She is also one of the forerunners of female inclusion and representation in broadcast journalism. In 1977, she created a daybreak show on ABC called The View which recently marked its 25th. The current hosts of the show were loyal enough to make a toast in her honor.

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Although the veteran Journalism retired in 2014, her legacy lives on. She was very ecstatic about her retirement sadly, her health deteriorated and she has been battling dementia. Ever since then, she suddenly disappeared from the public eye. Fans and well-wishers are very much concerned about the state of her health. Read on to find out what the state of her health is now.

Quick Facts About Barbara Walters

  • Real Name: Barbara Jill Walters
  • Date Of Birth: 25th September 1929
  • Place Of Birth: Boston the Massachusetts United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Height: 5feet 5inches
  • Weight : 60 kg
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Education: Sarah Lawrence College 
  • Occupation: Journalist and writer
  • Net worth: $200

Brief Bio Of Barbara Walters

Her birth name is Barbara  Jill Walters. She was born in  Boston Massachusetts, United States on the 25th of September, 1929.  Not so many details are known about her family. However, we do know that she grew up with her nuclear family that consisted of her father, Lou Walters, mother, Dena Seletsky, sister Jacqueline, and brother Burton. Sadly her brother and her sister died in 1958 and 1932 respectively. Her father was a businessman and an event manager at a nightclub. Due to the nature of the job, her family had to relocate to Miami Beach, Florida. 

She attended Miami Beach High School where she graduated in 1947. Afterward, she furthered her education at Sarah Lawrence College where she studied English. Upon graduation in 1953, she worked as a publicity director assistant for Tex McCrary, a republican activist. Shortly after, she began to write content for the CBS network’s Morning Show. 

Barbara Walters’s Career

Barbara Walters’s career began as a content writer for the CBS network’s Morning Show. It picked up fully when she began to work at NBC’s Today where she spent over a decade. During her time there, she won the hearts of viewers with talented and well-structured yet friendly interviewing and hosting skills. In 1975 Barbara Walters was awarded a Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award. In no time she began working for ABC and soon started appearing on 20/20. The talented journalist became a staple on the program as her fanbase continued to increase. 

Barbara Walters
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In 1997, she birthed her personal show called The View.  The show is one of her finest works. She was very diligent and dedicated to duty. Her excellence in the broadcast journalism sector paved way for female inclusion and representation in the field. She announced her retirement in 2013 and went on to do it in 2014.

Where Is Barbara Walters Now?

After her retirement in 2014, the last time Barbara Walters was spotted in public was in 2016. The 92-year-old veteran Journalist was very pretty pumped for her retirement at the time. She stated that she was unsure about how life would go when she retires and no longer has a routine. However, she is open to take on new challenges and go on adventures. While we hope to see her grace our screens again with her beauty and wit. We are also very much concerned about her health and wellbeing. A few years into her retirement her health began to deteriorate. She was diagnosed with dementia and declining mental health.

Sadly we may never get to see her on our screens again as she is being shielded from the public eye by her family and loved ones In a bid to protect her. They do not even let her listen to present-day news or get in contact with anything that will harm her mental health.

Barbara Walters Has Had Some Health Crises In The Past

Before this whole new ordeal with dementia, Barbara Walters has been battling with her health. Her family, friends, caregivers, and well-wishers alike have been very concerned about her health and wellbeing from time immemorial. At a time in 2014, she revealed that she discovered a lump in her breast and had a lumpectomy afterward. Shortly after, her sister died from ovarian cancer. She also had both of her ovaries removed.  The journalist has been cautious with her health and always took precautions.

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Barbara Walter Is A Legendary Broadcast Journalist

Regardless of the current state of things, Barbara Walters is still very relevant in the Broadcast Journalism field. Both old and new Journalists always reference her and give her much-deserved respect. Fans from all over the world would give anything to have her grace their screens again. However, her legacy will live on forever.  She also stated that she would love to be remembered for her work.

“I want to be remembered as having inspired other young women to go into business and to succeed. I’ve said it before and I mean it: They are my legacy. I have interviews I’m extremely proud of and some of them may even be one of a kind, but the lasting impact is the women who have, I hope, followed in my footsteps.” 


On and off-screen, Barbara Walters will always be amongst the bigshots in broadcast journalism. She has also expressed regrets about not having so many children and spending more time with her family and loved ones on her sickbed. We do hope she gets better to live out the retirement of her dreams.

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