What is Happening With Harold Henthorn Now? Prison For Life?

It took three years of trial before the conviction of Harold Henthorn for murdering his wife. In what looked like an accident in the first place, it took more than the eagle eye of a detective who was due for retirement to find out the evil schemes of Henthorn. It got even worse, this is the death of the second wife, his first wife died of a similar accident. Surely, there was something fishy, something that unarguably proved that this man isn’t what he claimed to be. Where is Harold Henthorn now? Why did he frame his wife’s death like an accident? Surely, he had a motive. All of these are revealed here. 

 If Harold Henthorn’s wife dies, he would be the sole beneficiary of $4.7 million in life insurance. What faster way to ensure that he claims this money than to murder his wife? But, he must do this in the most subtle of ways without drawing attention to himself. Also, the investigations must also be shoddy and be quickly closed because how will a man kill his beloved wife out of the blues? All these were in motion before Detective Weaver came to the party after finding several inconsistencies in the report. Something was wrong and he could feel it. 

Harold Henthorn Was Previously Married to Lynn Henthorn

Just before the marriage to Toni Henthorn, Harold was married to Sandra “Lynn” Henthorn. Lynn had died unfortunately due to an “accident.” Lynn died in 1995 in an incident that allowed Sandra to help Harold change the tyre of their Cherokee’s jeep. Sandra was crushed to death as the weight of the car came crashing down on her after the jack holding up the car suddenly lost its grip. Interestingly, he was the sole witness. Easy. Clear to clean tracks and prove that he was innocent. But a day of reckoning would come. And boy did it come heavily? 

Where is Harold Henthorn Now – His Marriage to Toni Henthorn

After the death of his first wife, Harold moved on. The life insurance of his beloved wife became his. Then came Toni Bartolet who had just left a marriage that took her energy sap but was willing to try again. Bob and Yvonne Bartolet, Toni’s parents, will do anything to protect their daughter. When Toni brought Harold to see them; the guy who made their daughter happy, they had no choice but to welcome him. He seemed like a nice guy too. Nobody knew he was after the money. But Harold was in no particular rush to carry out his plan, after all, he had come off as a pretty well-to-do man, even though his source of wealth wasn’t visible. But, the Bartolets didn’t mind that, they were seeing their daughter really happy around this man, so, definitely, he was good for her. 

Harold Henthorn and Toni Married

Toni and Harold eventually married. It didn’t take long before Harold systematically cut off the close relationship Toni had with her mother– who was her model in the medical field she is today. But, neither of them suspected that that was the first step  Harold made to get his wife subjected to him solely. Toni was from a wealthy home. Her parents had hit jackpots with the purchase of lands that were oil-rich. So, the question of money wasn’t the problem for Toni. She just wanted to be happy with someone she loved. After convincing Toni to move with him to Colorado, the relationship between Toni and her parents strained because of Harold’s evil plan. The only way the Bartolets could see their daughter was to get on a plane. 

With the hope that the birth of Haley in 2005 would perhaps make Harold reconsider the subtle hostility, he had built with Toni’s parents, shockingly, that was not the case. The Bartolets didn’t think they would not get access to their grandchild. Every little detail about their daughter was planned by Harold. He was detailed to the extent that he told anyone who cared to listen that he was in charge of Haley’s life. He creatively built a boundary between his wife and their daughter. Toni was unhappy about this development. But her deep faith in Christianity meant divorce wasn’t an option at all. So, it was either she prayed that things change or she endures till the end. This was her stance. 

The Trip That Killed Toni Henthorn

In September 2012, news got out that Toni Henthorn was dead while hiking in Rocky Mountain Park. Harold and his wife had planned to hike after missing it for a while. The details of the incident aren’t particularly clear, but prosecutors alleged that after overlooking a steep cliff, Harold Henthorn pushed his wife off the cliff and died of injuries she sustained. Falling from 130 feet meant only one thing, the extent of the damage was going to be fatal. Her body was found on the north side of Deer mountain in the Park. This seemed like an accident, but this was planned out a long time ago by Harold. 

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Where is Harold Henthorn Now– His Trial and Conviction

Three years after the incident happened, it looked like everyone had thought it to be an accident. A diligent detective figured that there were inconsistencies in the several statements Harold Henthorn made to cops and this was all that was needed to nail Harold. Charged with first-degree after incontrovertible evidence pointed in the direction of a murder, Harold Henthorn now is serving a jail term after being convicted. The jury deliberated for a record 10 hours 30 minutes before finding him guilty of murdering his second wife. 

Harold is in a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. With the US Supreme Court declining to listen to his case, he is likely to spend the rest of his life in jail. 

Haley No Longer Sees Harold Henthorn As Her Father

After the harrowing experience of finding out her father killed her mother, she will never remain the same from this experience. Haley no longer views Harold as her father. 


Where Harold Henthorn now is has been answered in this article. People like Harold Henthorn deserve to be in a prison cell for the rest of their lives, like Grace, Lynn’s sister says. The story of Harold Henthorn is clearly one of greed and murder, hopefully, his daughter gets over this revelation.

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