Beryl Novak Story: He’s Lived Off-grid In His Forest Shack Since ’70s

Do you randomly wonder what it would feel like to be ostracized? To uproot yourself from civilization and go off the grid? If you do, Beryl Novak Story will give you the much-needed inspiration to see thee feat through. However, there are two sides to Beryl Novak story, such as the good and bad, and you can’t put one in front of the other. Moreso, while living a secluded life might seem like a death sentence to some people, it was a luxury of solitude for Bery Novak. He found peace in living in the forest all by himself since 1977. So kindly read on to know the full details of Beryl Novak story. 

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Who Is Beryl Novak?

Beryl Novak is a 71-year-old deer hunter. Who has lived a sheltered life in the forest in Northwoods since 1977. He has held a hunting license since 1960 and has shot down over 75 deers. 

What Is Beryl Novak Story?

Beryl Novak lost his father at a very young age of five, making him independent early on in life. However, he got adopted by a strict mentor named Jose Kasun when he was seven years old. Jose Kasun taught him grouse hunting. He gave Beryl a shotgun loaded with 22 bullets to make his first kill. He also urged him not to miss, and to his surprise, Beryl made his first grouse kill effortlessly without missing. From then on, he became adept at hunting. 

He graduated to deer hunting, which he self-learned. When he was ten years old, he launched his deer-hunting career, and since then, he hasn’t looked back. He has made scores of kills. After he graduated from Orr High School, Beryl Novak attended a vocational college. Shortly after, he enlisted in the US Air Force, where he served for four years between 1970-1974. Bery Novak was stationed at various bases in the United States. He spent eight months in Vietnam at USAF 483 Hospital in Cam Ranh Bay. His stay there exposed him to the horrors of war.

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When Did Beryl Novak Relocate Into The Forest?

During his time in the military, Beryl Novak used to have scheduled leaves. Fortunately, they often coincided with the hunting season. In 1966, he bought the 40-acre forest near his home on one of those leaves for $700. By 1977, he officially moved into his tiny house on the 40-acre. He has lived there ever since, all by himself. His one-bedroom apartment measures 16 by 20 feet. Although it doesn’t have running water and some modern features, it has everything Beryl needs for survival. His tiny home houses his cooking gas, firewood for fuel, and a wood stove for heat. A hand pump outside provides water, a lavatory, and a sauna shed. He also has a television set which he seldom turns on. He claims that everything on the Tv, especially the news is depressing. 

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Does Beryl Novak Ever Get Lonely?

Living in solitude can be very depressing for some people, while for a selected few like Bery Novak, it is an antidepressant. Ever since Beryl moved into his house in 1977, he lived comfortably in his tiny shack all by himself. However, he still did regular jobs like a logger, a sand and gravel crew, a Fur marketer, beaver, otter, fisherman, and pine sable – until the fur market crashed and prices plummeted. Beryl is quite business-minded. He sold wild blueberries to grocery stores in town alongside balsam branches and firewood.

 By 1955, he retired and has been self-reliant ever since. He also revealed that staying ostracised from society is pretty cheap as it doesn’t cost much. Beryl also stated that he doesn’t get lonely. Moreover, humans are difficult to deal with, and you can’t please everyone, so he told them off and remained in his house. However, he gets visitors but not often and not too many people. Beryl Novak is a couch potato on some days and enjoys his company a lot. He hasn’t had a haircut or beard shave in over two decades and doesn’t seem interested in getting one soon. Although he had a dog that used to keep him company, the dog died more than ten decades back, and Beryl hasn’t attempted to get another one ever since. 

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Is Beryl Novak A Vegetarian?

You might be wondering how he gets his groceries and what his meals contain since he doesn’t go into town often. Well, desperate time calls for desperate measures. He resulted in farming vegetables that he eats. His vegetable farm consists of sweet corn, melons, apples, onions, and carrots. He is conversant with the planting and harvesting season, which makes it easy for him. Notably, Beryl Novak isn’t a vegetarian, he also eats meat. He has probably consumed a lot of meat than vegetables in his lifetime. 

Does Beryl Novak Have A Phone?

The world has gone digital, which has made communication instantaneous. Despite his lifestyle choice, you would at least expect Beryl Novak to own a phone, right? Thankfully he owns one. Although it’s not a smartphone, it comes in handy during emergencies. The phone was given to him by his neighbor In 2015. Before and after the phone was given to him, He wasn’t bothered about internet connection and social media platforms.

He even disconnected his landline when he was Tired of constant calls from telemarketers. This made it even worse for his friends to contact him. In his defense, he stated that there wasn’t anyone left calling him that he wanted to talk to. Beryl Novak doesn’t own or drive a car. The last time he drove was in 2005 before his car packed up. Instead, he uses an ATV for movement. Also, when he needs to make an essential trip, his neighbors and friends usually come through for him. And in a show of gratitude, he gifts them fresh vegetables from his garden or meat after a hunt.  

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 Did Beryl Novak Contact The Coronavirus?

The most vulnerable groups in the ongoing pandemic are older people, especially those with underlying health issues. Fortunately, for 71-year-old Beryl Novak, he is an exception. He seldom gets a cold or flu of any sort. During his last annual doctor’s appointment, he got clean bill health. Because of his sheltered lifestyle, he has a zero percent chance of contacting the coronavirus. In his words, he said: “I’ve been social distancing out here for 20 years,” 

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Beryl Novak story will forever be fascinating. It’s just the direct opposite of the famous saying. No man is an island. Well, look who has self-isolated for over 40 years? Beryl Novak.

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