Is Charlize Theron Married? Facts About This Screen Goddess

44-year-old Charlize Theron admits that she’s been single for close to 10 years.

Do you know Charlize Theron? Does her name easily come to your mind when Hollywood fans mention the list of the best actresses in Hollywood? Yes, it does and if you ever doubt this assertion, then her awards and nominations are proof that she really is a formidable talent.

Blessed with an uncanny skill for interpreting her roles in the purest of forms, Theron stands aloft many of her peers. Her repertoire would floor many of her counterparts. There must be a reason why A-list directors want to have Theron on their cast, and this is really easy to know; she is talented.

This gorgeous lady Theron is one of the few actresses that has proved that she is conscious about the roles she takes and seeks for societal changes with the roles she portrays. Theron’s several awards are a testament to the indelible marks she has made and is still making in the movie industry, and the world at large, relatively. But is she making such marks in her personal life and relationships? Read on to find out!

Fast Facts About Charlize Theron

Whether as a fan or a movie lover, here are facts about Charlize Theron that you must have on your finger tips.

  • Name: Charlize Theron
  • Nationality: South African-American
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 44
  • Famous For: Acting
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Boyfriend: Stuart Townsend (2001–2010)
  • Net worth: $150 million
  • Height: 5′ 8″ (1.77m)
  • Weight: 119 lb (54 kg)
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

Early Years of Charlize Theron

Not many know Charlize Theron is from Afrikaner descent, South-Africa. If you didn’t, now you know.

Theron made her entrance into the world on the 7th of August 1975, in Benoni (Gauteng Province) of South-Africa. By August 2020, she will be 45 years. She is the only child of her parents, Charles (who passed on in 1991 at the age of 44) and Gerda Theron. Her parents were road construction workers in their youthful days.

Theron’s ancestry includes French, Dutch and German. We could say she has quite a lot of diversity running in her blood.

However, growing up with an alcoholic father must have been traumatizing for Theron. Her father regularly threatened her and her mother, till her mother shot him on a day he had attacked them with a gun.

Gerda was not charged for the act as the court ruled that she was simply defending herself and Charlize.


Seeing who she has become, many would think that Charlize Theron had one of the education. Well, Theron was somehow jaundiced at a very early age. This made her a regular on the doctor’s table and thus affected her education, making it not as seamless as you may have thought.

Meanwhile, Theron attended Putfontein Primary School, before proceeding to the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg.

The Brilliant Career of Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has had a sterling career so far. One worthy of emulation. As a lady who faced domestic violence at a tender age ando still came out to be highly successful, her life shows grit and determination.

Theron has appeared on several movies, including Mighty Joe Young (1998), Men of Honour (2000), Sweet November (2001), and Trapped (2002) amongst many others.

However, Theron gained healthy traction to her talent in the remake of the 1969 British film, The Italian Job.

Working with some of Hollywood’s best actors like Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg, Seth Green, combined to produce one of the most commercially successful movies grossing over US$176 million worldwide, was a big deal.

Charlize Theron Awards

As an A-list actress, the South-African has earned over 100 nominations, claiming 39.

Notably among her awards are the MTV Movie and TV award for Best Female Performance in Mad Max: Fury Road (2016), Academy Award for Best Actress in Monster (2004), amongst many others.

How Tall is Charlize Theron?

Theron’s height can come as a surprise to some folks out there, because of the image the screen has made us believe she looks like.

She stands at 5ft 8in, equivalent to 1.77 meters. This is quite tall for a lady. Okay, maybe not too tall, but it is absolutely adorable. You begin to wonder how intimidating she would be when she wears heels.

Her Relationship

Stuart Townsend became Charlize’s love object after meeting on the set of the movie, Trapped, in 1999. Since then, they kicked things off, although it was until 2001 before they really got it going.

Before Townsend, there was Stephan Jenkins, a guy from the Third Eye Blind movie. Jenkins would later write heartbreak songs, after his split with Theron. Oh, those songs became hits actually!

For almost ten years, Theron and Townsend committed to each other so badly that they both had commitment rings even though they never married. According to Stuart, they called themselves husband and wife when they are together and with friends.

One would think this full-scale relationship would blossom into marriage in the long haul. This wasn’t the case, as the pair broke off in January 2010, for reasons best known to the couple.

She would later go on to start a new relationship with  Sean Penn in 2013. Penn and Theron were friends for a long time, though Penn experienced two failed marriages with Robin Wright and Madonna.

In an interview with US Weekly, Penn said he believed this new relationship would correct the wrongs of his previous failed marriage.

Charlize and Sean got engaged in the latter part of 2014, but It didn’t take too long before they called it quits in 2015 after they were seen together at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Is Charlize Married?

Let’s start off with a quote from Charlize Theron in an interview with Vogue in 2014. Perhaps, it paints a picture of Theron’s stand on marriage. According to Theron:

I mean, I really do understand the importance and what that ceremony represents to so many people, but it’s just such a personal thing. Let’s put it this way: I never had the dream of the white dress.
And watching other people getting married? I think it’s beautiful for them, but to be quite honest, usually, I’m sitting there just devastated.

It looks like this talented actress doesn’t have plans of getting married, at least not anytime soon. In April 2019, she admitted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she has been single for ten years and was available.

This all clears the doubts about her being married. Shocking? Yes. Did we see it coming? No.

Theron isn’t the only celebrity who has come out to show no interest in getting married. Diane Keaton hasn’t been married for 35 years, her excuse being that marriage scares the hell out of her.

Meanwhile. Charlize Theron has two kids she adopted, being a big fan of adoption. Her adopted kids are both girls and their names are Jackson and August.

You want to know what Charlize Theron is up to lately? Check out her Instagram handle!


Charlize Theron’s decision to remain unmarried shouldn’t be a cause to worry about as she has repeatedly said she is comfortable with the single life. She has also been said to throw shades at marriage.

We don’t know where this ideology came from but we do know that Theron is going to be a star actress. For as long as she continues to appear on our screen, we cannot deny her prodigious talents!

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