Emily Compagno Instagram: A Walkthrough Her Life

There aren’t many persons who can combine being a legal practitioner, TV host, and cheerleading. With Emily Compagno, it is easy peasy.

Emily is a bundle of talent and this is obvious in the many roles she has under her belt. Little wonder Emily Compagno Instagram page is always agog with engagements about what she does.

Emily rarely flaunts her amazing body on her Instagram page. However, if you need to see intelligent discussions and legal terminologies, then Compagno’s page is your go-to.

Emily was a former cheerleader for her hometown Oaks Raiders in the National Football League (NFL). As someone who loves dancing, Emily merely just disbursed that in her cheerleading role.

Anyways, allow us to introduce you to Emily. She is a TV host, American attorney, contributor on Fox News Channel (FNC), amongst many other TV shows. 

Similarly, she is a regular consultant for on-air sports business analysis. Emily Compagno does legal analysis for local and national television stations, whilst also lending her voice to sports shows and sports magazines across the country.

Early Life

Born on November 9, 1979, in Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in East Oakland, California. Her parents, Katherine (new Bertsch) and John Compagno.

Interestingly, her mother, Katherine is of German descent and her father, John is of Italian descent. Emily prides herself to be from the lineage of warriors.

Her great-grandfather, William Harry Bertsch fought in the First World War in 1914 and earned a Silver Star. She has two siblings. 

Before Emily is the legal luminary we have come to know, she was a cheerleader and her avid dancing skills played a role in this position. 

Her Education

Emily studied Political Science at the University of Washington, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts. As a form of recognition, she was awarded the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps’ Cadet of the Quarter Award. 

In 2006, she proceeded to the University of San Francisco School of Law and graduated in 2006. 

Her Career

She combined serving as a captain of the Oakland Raider cheerleading squad with a criminal defense attorney in San Francisco. Her passion for the sport, saw the NFL select her as an ambassador for the NFL brand in Beijing and Shanghai in China.

Interestingly, she added a feather to her cap is her selection as one of the five NFL cheerleaders to visit U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Kuwait. 

Compagno grew to become a Senior Judge Extern for John T. Noonan at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, a milestone in her budding career at the time.

After her stint there, she went on to work as a federal attorney at the Social Security Administration. Her Legal journey has taken her to work in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Cape Town in South Africa.

Emily as Fox News Contributor

Emily with her flair for the TV couldn’t resist the offer of Fox News as a legal analyst and occasional contributor, in 2018. At the moment, she serves as co-host of the weekday talk show The Five.

In her contributing role, she appears on other Fox News programs giving her takes on important news of the day. She offers her legal advice for those that require it. At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, Compagno began her show on Fox Nation, Crimes That Changed America.

The show has gathered fans across the country, with praises for her concise analysis of several crimes and their implications. On January 25, 2021, Emily Compagno became a permanent co-host of Outnumbered.

On her shows and several shows she has appeared on offering her legal advice and opinions, she has covered headline topics that include: Sony hacking/North Korea; Senate bills; the U.S. Supreme Court justices;

Also, the Tsarnaev, Aurora shooting, Monfort, Aaron Hernandez, and Molly Conley murder trials; Hillary Clinton State Department classified emails, the New York prison break; numerous federal court rulings.

Other Cases Emily Worked on

To continue, she was on /DOJ-FoJ; UNC/NCAA Notice of Allegations; Federal spending bill/government shutdowns; Cuba; NFL and MLB topics: NFLPA issues, among many others.

Emily Relationships

For Emily, she isn’t known for showing off her relationships. Recently, celebrities have found a way to separate their personal life from professional life, and Emily is no different.

She is quite secretive with her relationships. Fortunately, she is married to Peter Riley as of 2017. How do we know? She posted it herself on her Instagram page on September 17, 2017.

About Emily marriage, before her cryptic message on Instagram in September 2017, she has always waved talks surrounding her relationships.

Today, we do not know if the marriage is still in play. However, if the marriage is still in progress, we might be lucky to get the news on Emily’s Instagram page. Isn’t that where we got to know in the first place?

Emily Compagno Instagram

Emily Compagno’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of her family members who fought and served in the war. One of such photos is the photo of her great uncle, Private Joseph Lorenz, with the caption:

“I honor my family & their contributions & sacrifices for this country, for the freedom our flag represents: My father, uncles, grandfather, greats & more. Thank you, all veterans. Thank you, all families, who sacrifice heart & hope alongside our brave soldiers.”

This is her way of celebrating her relatives, and family members who served in the war.

On one side, Emily is a regular contributor to veterans’ charities and funds, and a propagator of rendering support to orphans and the poor in Africa.

She is quite passionate about her canvassing and usually uses any opportunity to inform people.


Conclusively, it is quite rare to see individuals who can combine the rigours of legal practice and on-air personality. But for Emily, it is not a problem.

If Emily decides to try acting, well, we would tell you, we told you so. You know why? Emily, in her own rights, is more than capable of executing any role well, it is what she is made up of.

As one of the most recognizable legal analysts on Fox News, it is expected that her net worth should be bouncing in the millions.

We cannot say how much exactly she is worth, but we know she is a big deal in the TV industry.

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