Helena Schneider: A Timeline of All Robert Schneider’s Relationships And More

Robert Schneider is an American Actor, a comic, director, and a screenwriter. His vibes are usually very funny. He is well respected in the comedy genre, often using himself and his mixed background as the bedrock of his jokes.

Robert Schneider isn’t just a stand-up comedian, he also has a rich filmography. He has several appearances in TV series as well as films, so he is not new to the acting game. With all of his appearances, surely, there is substantial wealth somewhere.

Though he can tell jokes to keep appearances in movies rolling, he looks like he can’t keep a relationship. So far, he has been married three times. London King, Helena Schneider, and Patricia Schneider are associated with Schneider romantically. In this article, we will engage you with all of the details of his relationship timeline. 

As an actor, Schneider made quite a fortune from his acting. As such, he has the luxury of women hitting on him. It is no surprise that he married three times. Hopefully, the last one is the last. But the man is relatively young, who knows what’s gonna happen. 

The Early Life of Rob Schneider

Robert Michael Schneider was born on October 31, 1963, in the boisterous city of San Francisco, California. His mixed background played a key role in his comic character. While his father, Marvin Schenider, a real estate broker, was Jewish, his mother, Pilar Schneider was a staunch Catholic. Pilar is late now, she died recently at the ripe age of 91. 

Rob is the youngest of five kids. Their mother (late now) was a teacher and an ex-president of the school board. One would expect they were raised well. 

From the Philippines to America, Schneider has a mixed background. His maternal grandmother was a Filipino who married his grandfather, an American army private while he was on service in the Philippines.

Rob Schneider’s Early Career

Schneider began his stand-up comedy career while still in high school. Telling jokes at every given opportunity the school extracurricular activities permitted. After his high school education, he told jokes at Bay Area nightclubs such as The Other Cafe, Holy City Zoo. He was also invited by local radio stations.

His gradual ascent to fame began when he got a position as a writer for the widely popular late-night NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live abbreviated to SNL. From here, it was no turning back. 

His Career on Saturday Night Live

Hired in 1988, his talent shone so much that he got promoted from just a writer to a full cast member. His best recurring character was Richard Laymer, the guy who had his desk beside the photocopier and was giving his colleagues nicknames.

He also appeared alongside fellow comedy greats in Chris Rock, David Spade, Adam Sandler and Chris Farley on The Bad Boys of Saturday Night Live. 

Rob Schneider’s Acting Career

It was as an actor he met Helena Schneider, his second wife. He left SNL and decided to take acting heads-on. His first taste of professional acting came in supporting roles in movies like The Beverly Hillbillies, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Down Periscope, Demolition Man, Surf Ninjas among many others. He also made a foray into television series, when he appeared in Coach.

Schneider was the star in the 1999 feature film Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. His character was a fish-tank cleaner who incurs debt and is forced to go into prostitution. All didn’t go too well in his early acting days.

His performance in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo earned him Worst Actor Razzie Award in 2005. If you thought that would faze him, well, you don’t know the man. He dusted that off and worked harder and today the results are all over the place for critics to see. 

A Walkthrough of Rob Schneider’s Relationships

His marriage hasn’t been as successful as his acting career is. He is currently in his third marriage with Patricia Schneider. They started dating in 2005 after Rob’s marriage with Helena Schneider failed (his second marriage by the way). Patricia and Rib dated for six years before they consummated the relationship in 2011 in Mexico City.

Who is Patricia Schneider?

Patricia is an American actress and producer. She has appeared in several movies, most of which she produced. Rob and Patricia currently run their sitcom, Real Rob, which premiered on Netflix in 2015, which tells the stories about the daily life of Schneider and his family.

Together they have two kids, Miranda Scarlett Schneider, born on November 16, 2012. Their second daughter is called Madeline Robbie Schneider, born on the 14th of September 2016. 

Who is Helena Schneider?

Helena Schneider is the second wife of Rob. They married in 2002, but divorced in 2005 after differences they couldn’t resolve. There is not too much information about Helena Schneider on the internet. After her breakup with Rob, there has been little or no attention from the media on her. 

London King; Rob Schneider First Wife.

London King is a former American model and actress. Her most notable role is in The Calling (2002). She married Rob in 1988. They had a child together in 1989, Elle King who is a professional singer, songwriter in the country genre. London King and Rob Schneider went their separate ways. 

Rob Schneider’s Net Worth

Rob is worth $12 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. 


Rob Schneider is a successful actor, maybe not too successful with his marriages, but so far, there is no news of any divorce, hopefully, this remains like this. 

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