All About Jaime Maggio – Net Worth, Bio, Career, and Relationship

Jaime Maggio is worth $5m for reporting sports

The world of sport would be such a lonely place without dedicated people giving commentary on the events as well as reporting it. NFL owes much of its popularity to the sheer dedication of sports reports such as Jaime Maggio.

Let the name not deceive you, Jaime is a female sports reporter. Fans all over the world recognize her for her spectacular reporting on the NFL Network and Time Warner Cable Sports Net. She has such an enviable career that can make a music star want to switch to sports reporting.

Blond American lady, Jaime Maggio, is a persistent, beautiful woman. She executes her task conscientiously and with enthusiasm. She is an athlete (always been a sport-loving person anyway), and an avid yoga practitioner. Obviously, Jaime is a private person and isn’t linked to any controversies or scandals. She’s simply Jaime Maggio and here is all the info you should know about her.

From Long Island, New York to California

The striking Cancer star, Jaime Maggio, is born on the 26th of June 1984. This means Jaime Maggio is just 36 years old this year. Jaime attended the Mary Star of the Sea High school, San Pedro as a kid. However, in Grade Nine, her family moved from New York to California.

It was difficult adjusting to California and Jaime found it particularly hard losing her Yankee accent. Notwithstanding this, She enrolled in the University of California, Santa Barbara to study Mass Communication. This meant that she had to lose her accent or create a special reporting personality for herself.

Jaime Maggio went ahead to graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara USA with Dean Honors in Mass Communication. In college, she was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority.  She graduated in 2000 and began her rise in sportscasting. 

Presently, Jaime resides in Los Angeles and is a great fan of the New York Giants. She may have lost her accent but not her love for New York, the city she spent her first years.

Jaime Maggio Body Stats and Net Worth

Jaime Maggio is 5ft 6in and weighs 68kg. Although this is a tall height for a female, it is not enough for someone who part of her job description involves holding out the mic to tall athletes. So, to be able to reach these athletes, Jaime never goes without her heels. 

Jaime Maggio, the stunning blonde, with dark brown eyes, currently has a net worth of $5Million. Her beauty may have gotten her this fortune and if it did, it did so lurking in the hardworking personality of the reporter.

Jaime Maggio Career Timeline

Jaime did not begin her career as a news reporter. Right upon graduation from college, Jamie secured a job with Forbes Magazine as a Sales Assistant.  She became Operation Assistant for Fox Sports Network in 2001. Jaime got promoted to Station’s Relations Coordinator in 2004 and became Production Manager in 2006. It was in the year 2006 that Jaime began her career as a sports journalist.

In 2009, Jaime left Fox Sports Network and moved on to Comcast Sports Net in Philadelphia.  Gaining an entrance into GoTv, Jaime worked as a Talent Booker and an on-air-correspondent.

In 2010, Jaime moved to Los Angeles where she worked for Sports Central at KCBS Channel 2 and KCAL Channel 9. She worked in both places as a co-anchor. From 2011-2012, she served as a court line reporter for the NBA playoff broadcasts for TNT and became a field reporter in the TNT program. In 2011, Jaime covered the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

In 2013, Jaime Maggio joined the TWC Sportnet and covered the Los Angeles Lakers Game. She doubled as a news correspondent for the NFL Network and as a sideline reporter for Fox News. She is also a reporter with the Time Warner Cable Sports Net. 

At some point in Jaime’s career, she began to host the weekly magazine show Sixers Season Pass and Sports night. She is currently covering the NBA Season for Fox Sports and hosts a Tv Talk Show for CBS, Los Angeles. Jaime shares her time between Turner Sports and Spectrum Sport. Remarkably, she had done a brief stint with the MLB Network.


Twice now, Jaime has won the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for being a sideline reporter for the Philadelphia 76ers broadcasts. She has also won a regional Emmy for field reporting in NHL.  

Jaime Maggio’s Relationship

Very little information is available concerning Jame Maggio’s past relationship. However, she is currently dating David Pasternak. David is a Marketing Director with Sony Pictures. The beau finished from the Pacific Palisades Charter High School in 1996. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts from the University of Arizona, finishing in in 2001.

Just like his girlfriend, Jaime, David has no scandals and controversies. They both neither confirm nor debunk talks about their relationship publicly. And there is nothing on media about their long term plans.  Meanwhile, they live together and are always seen in public functions together.

Here, you should check out what Jaime Maggio does when she’s not reporting sports!


Jaime Maggio is a career woman whose persistence all these years has paid off. Her loyalty, dedication, and that ability to stay off limelight are characteristic of a Cancer personality. Jaime enjoys close relations with people and loves to keep her inner circle small.  As a traveling enthusiast, she spends her off days hitting the road.

Jaime is the blond beauty you see reporting sports news in games season, and you won’t miss her I assure you. Did I ever mention it to you that she loves photography? Yeah. She’s a great travel writer too! Jamie believes in philanthropy and enjoys making pizza, plus she has a dog that does everything with her except reporting sports.

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