Who is Jamie Colby? Facts and Body Measurements

jamie colby in stunning red gown with her killer smile

When you watch the news, you watch to get information. But it is a different ball game when you watch Jamie Colby giving the reports on the news. The beautiful, intelligent, and hard-working journalist, Jamie Colby, is the aspiration of young communicators who would like to know her measurement, relationships, career, and other facts about her.

Jamie Colby is one of the most intelligent and elegant women working in Fox News. Not only does she have the beauty and charisma, but also the personality of a determined versatile journalist.

Her life so far has apparently been one of adventure, which is quite common for reporters and journalists. However, she’s not had such an adventure when it comes to romantic relationships. Jamie Colby who started as an attorney has been married twice but is currently single. Let’s show you more about Jamie Colby that you didn’t know, including her measurement.

Early Life and Education of Jamie Colby

Jamie Colby was born as Jamie Nell Colby on December 21, 1970, in Queens, of New York City. Her father’s name is Marty Colby, but her mother’s name is hardly mentioned in the media. She lived in the Forest Hills of Queens with her parents until they divorced when she was 12.

Colby and her brother moved to Miami to live with their mom. Colby didn’t start becoming a productive woman just recently. At the age of 14, Jamie Colby had started appearing in commercials like that for KC & The Sunshine Band. She even worked with Burger King.

Being a very smart kid, Colby was already in college as a teenager, gaining admission to the University of Miami International School of Business at 14. At 23, she had bagged an accounting degree and gone ahead to earn a Juris Doctor from the Miami School of Law.

She would always remember Miami as the city that built her into the beautiful intellectual woman that she is today.

Jamie Colby’s Career as a Journalist

Jamie Colby is a renowned American journalist who is popularly known for working for the Fox News network. She is specialized in the area of business news, reporting, and journalism. She hosted the series Strange Inheritance on the Fox Business network, and America’s News Headquarters with a co-anchor Eric Shawn.

Jamie is a well respected and impeccable journalist who has reported on a wide range of important news topics throughout her career as an anchorwoman. After finishing her education, Jamie never struggled to get a job. Her outstanding personality and brilliance paved the way for her. She quickly found employment working for Johnny Carson.

In her early 20s, she aided the famous Carson with several court cases, including his divorce and some contract cases. However, the life of an attorney wasn’t quite favorable to Jamie. A few years down the line, she switched profession and eventually ended up working as an anchorwoman and a news reporter for CNN.

Early Mysterious Marriage/Relationship

Luck hasn’t shone on Jamie Colby’s life when it comes to marriage. The beautiful journalist has been married twice and is currently single. Her first marriage or relationship was shrouded in utmost secrecy and Public knowledge. It all happened way back in her early 20’s, with the identity of her husband still a mystery.

Colby had a son with this mysterious man, however. His name is Gregory and that’s about all that we can gather about him.

Jamie Colby’s Separation with Marc Wallack

Marc Wallack and Jamie Colby dated for a couple of years. Marc was a surgeon and was about 20 years older than Jamie. Meanwhile, who cares about Age? Ask Arlene Silver whose husband is older than her with 40 years. Therefore, the difference in age did not really seem to be a problem for the couple.

But along the line, Marc soon developed a heart condition. During that period the couple co-authored a book together titled “Back to Life After a Heart Crisis: A Doctor and His Wife Share Their 8-step Cardiac Comeback Plan.”


Shockingly, the couple divorced after Marc recovered. It was shocking and amazing how Jamie stood by her ailing ex-husband battling with a heart condition only to divorce him on recovery in 2011. She alleged Marc was unfaithful, and can we say that this an issue of a heart conditioned humping man?

Well, remember Jamie is still single. We don’t know if she’s looking for the next big love of her life, though.

Jamie Colby’s Awards

You must have wondered if Journalists earn awards? Well, Jamie Colby has an excellent and successful career as a newsperson, to begin with. For instance, in 2000 she received the Gracie Award for investigative reporting. Throughout her hard-working days as a journalist and Jamie Colby has received numerous awards.

During the 9/11 attacks on American soil, Jamie did a wonderful work in reporting and journalism which earned her the Edward R. Murrow National Award in 2002. Her brilliance and efforts paid off. Her numerous awards teach us one thing: a great and compassionate work hardly goes unnoticed.

Jamie Colby Body Measurement

Jamie is a very good looking woman. She has an amazing personality with a stunning body. Her height is around 5 feet 7 inches and she weighs around 68 kg.

Additionally, Jamie Colby has a body measurement of 37-27-37 inches. She has blonde color hair and hazel brown eyes.

Net Worth and Earnings

Jamie Colby is obviously a versatile person and is involved in all sorts of fields and professions. Over the years, she has worked as an attorney, real estate broker, accountant, and a law professor – to name just a few! With her current job at Fox, it is no wonder that she earns a lot of money, and that her financial situation looks bright.

According to sources, her net worth was estimated at $2.8 million at the start of 2018.

Interesting Facts About Jamie Colby

There is more to Jamie Colby than just her nose for news and her body measurement.

  • She was studying law when she was asked to fill in for a news anchor and did both activities perfectly well, simultaneously, and passed her bar exam.
  • Jamie is intelligent. In Miami University she was only 14 years old, and she graduated with her law degree at the age of 22.
  • Her parents have been divorced since she was a child. The identity of her mum is unknown.
  • While she was still in college, Jamie was a debate and speech competitor.
  • Colby is reportedly no longer with the Fox Network, and it is said that they parted amicably.
  • Before she made it to CNN and Fox News, Jamie was a writer and reporter for several newspapers.

Jamie Colby seem to be keeping off social media. She has no Instagram account but does that stop her beautiful personality from staying off radar? No! There’s a hashtag for Jamie Colby and the account below seem to have made most or all of the posts with the hashtag.


Because of Colby’s versatile background and exciting career choice, she has experienced a variety of things during her life. She has eaten alligator meat, driven a forklift and a tractor, ridden a wild bucking horse, and even viewed the world’s largest insect collection. For Colby, these things were all in a day’s work, and regardless of what she does next, her life is likely to continue being an adventure.

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