Who Are Jordan Love Parents? Anna Love Blames Medicare For Orbin’s Suicide

Following the controversy of Jordan Love alleged relations to Mia Love. Fans are invariably curious about the identities of Jordan Love parents. At the same time, we know that Mia Love is the daughter of Jean Maxime Bourdeau and Mary, who emigrated to the United States of America from Haiti in 1973. It is also certain that they are not Jordan Love parents as they are not related. Moreso, Jordan Love parents are Known to be late Orbin and Anna. There is no record whatsoever of a previous marriage that could be linked to Mia Love’s parents. This further confirms the fact that Jordan and Mia aren’t related to each other. Also, it is pretty unfortunate that Jordan Love’s father committed suicide, and his mother blames Medicare for it. This article will divulge many fascinating facts about Jordan Love’s parents; Please keep on reading. 

Jordan Love
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Who Is Jordan Love?

Jordan Love whose birth name is Jordan Alexander Love is a quarterback for the NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. He got drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He was named the New Mexico Bowl MVP in 2018. Jordan Love was born on November 2nd, 1998, in Bakersfield, California. He attended Liberty High School. Afterward, he went to Utah state university to further his education. He also played football at Utah state university. He is also the current boyfriend of an adroit Volleyball player and gamer Stone Ronika.

Who Are Jordan Love Parents?

Jordan Love was indeed born in love to Orbin Love and Anna Love. Both of Jordan Love’s parents were police officers with the Bakersfield police department. They raised Jordan alongside his three sisters, Alexis, Kami, and Emily. Jordan’s father served in the force for 27years before his death.

Jordan Love Parents Ethnicity

While we know that Jordan Love is an American by nationality. His ethnicity is mixed. His mother, Anna love, has a white ancestry. While his father, Orbin Love, had an African root. This makes Jordan Love an Afro-American. 

Jordan Love and father
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Jordan Love Father Committed Suicide When He Was 14 Years Old

To date, one of the most tragic and unexplainable happenings in Jordan’s life is the loss of his father, Orbin Love. At the young age of 14, when he was barely old enough to understand the dynamics of life, Jordan Love’s father took his own life. He committed suicide on July 13, 2013, 16days shy of his birthday on July 29. He shot himself with his service weapon inside his bedroom in their family home at the time. It was a very tough time for Jordan Love, his three little sisters, and his mother as well. However, till today she still blames Medicare for allowing her husband to commit suicide.

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Jordan Love Mother Raised Her Kids Alone

After the unfortunate death of her husband, Jordan Love’s mother raised all four children alone. She was saddled with the responsibility of making sure they turned out fine, just like her husband would have wanted if he were alive. Before his passing, Jordan Love’s father had a very strong faith that his son, Jordan Love, would be an NFL player one day. Sadly, he never lived to see that day as it eventually manifested. 

When the Green Bay Packers selected Jordan in the first round of the NFL Draft, it was a very emotional moment for his mother. She gave a heartfelt speech to Jordan, expressing her love and pride in the tide of things in Jordan’s life. She said; 

 “Dear Jordan, words can’t possibly express the joy and pride I am feeling towards the young man that you’ve become,”

Ever since the beginning of Jordan’s career, his mother has been a robust support system. She always shows up to all his games whether or not he is on the field. The girls, on the other hand, also turned out fine. Alexis is a criminal justice major who wants to become a police officer someday like her parents. Emily, on the other hand, is a registered hygienist at Smile Santa Maria Dental. She attended Bakersfield college. 

Jordan Love Family
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Suicide never has and will never be an option. Talking to someone or getting professional help from a licensed therapist is advisable if you notice your mental health declining. May Orbin Love’s soul continue to rest in peace. 

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