Josina Anderson – A Timeline of Career Achievement and Net Worth of the ESPN Star

Josina Anderson has been the first major female journalist who had worked through her struggles to be at the top of her career. The beautiful journalist is one that has been known for her peculiar and sensational journalism and reporting in several news outlets especially fans of ESPN.

Josina Anderson
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In the course of her career, she has achieved a lot, accomplished a great milestone. She has earned various awards and recognition for a job well done. And like every other popular reporter, she has faced fierce criticisms in the course of doing her job.

In 2014, she reported about an athlete who happens to be gay and we all know how sensitive such an issue can be right? So, it sparked unwarranted criticism both from the athlete’s fans, well-wishers, and the LGBT community. At that moment, her job was at stake but you need to know how she came out from such a controversial issue.

Early Life and Educational Background

We have no idea who Josina’s parents are but we know she has a brother and a sister. She was born on 15th August 1978 and grew up in the capital, Washington DC. She bagged a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of North Carolina. Jessica has a penchant for running and has competed in 200 and 400-meter races. She was able to win a gold medal at the AAU Junior Olympic Games. However, a ballet dancer who performed as a soloist with the American Youth Ballet. She also got a chance to a complete residency with the Dance Theatre of Harlem and Pennsylvania Ballet.

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Personal Life of Josina Anderson who’s she Dating?

Many must have wondered who Anderson is dating. Since the inception of her career, there’s been no history about her romantic life and who she’s dating. She is neither married, hence she doesn’t have a husband. There have been no rumors of her being involved with anyone, either. Her romantic life has been totally out of the picture and the media since her career with ESPN.

Beginning of her Career as a Journalist

Josina started her career in journalism as an intern on Washington Radio Station and worked on two of their shows – “The Tony Kornheiser Show” and “The Donnie Simpson Morning Show”. She switched to CBS and started as a sports news anchorwoman and reporter in Oregon, Right after her internship was completed. While in Oregon, Josina Anderson was sending her resume around the country for a better job but couldn’t find any.

Josina Anderson
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However, apparently, she was not making any progress with CBS, so she finally decided to quit and returned to Washington. After struggling for a couple of months, in 2005, she began working with Fox News. Although, she had to leave DC for Denver, Colorado as that was where the show was set. In 2003, the first attempt to get the job was refused when she applied.

Reporting Great Stories at ‘Inside the NFL’

She reported great stories in the six years that she worked with them, including two NFL stars who were tested positive for marijuana in July 2008 and some who tested positive for steroids in October 2008. In 2010, which turned out to be her last year with Fox 31, she worked as a reporter for “Inside the NFL”.

It is worthy to note, Josina struggled to fulfill her dream, and she managed to do so in 2011 when she started working as a sports reporter for ESPN. Her personality spoke for her: she did not have to audition for the job as it was offered to her, which she accepted and moved to Chicago, where she is living and working at the same time.

Josina Anderson’s Major Achievements

Since the beginning of her career, Josina won a Heartland Emmy award in 2009 for her coverage of an athlete, John Dutton, and his wife Terina’s trip to Africa, Ethiopia. They had gone there to adopt their 11-year-old son Miki. She has also won a Salute to Excellence award for radio reports in 2014 called “Outside the Lines and The Sporting Life”, featuring Brandon Lowe and Dwayne Bray.

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Josina Anderson’s Controversies & Criticisms

In August 2014, Josina Anderson was heavily criticized publicly for a report on former St. Louis Rams’ defensive end Michael Sam’s for his clandestine Showering habits. She was reporting that a player, which is Sam couldn’t take a bath with other players. Sam is the first openly gay player in an NFL training camp, and according to Josina Anderson, he would not take a shower with his teammates. But only takes his bath alone after his teammates had done so.

She and ESPN were criticized and were at the receiving end of widespread condemnation. Everyone from Sam’s teammates to LGBT activists to fans and fellow media personalities spoke against the report and sentiment. Her report was considered “manufactured” and accusing Anderson of being “unethical” and “unprofessional” in doing her job. According to them, Sam’s personal life isn’t her business. At that period, her job was at stake due to the pressure on the LGBT community. The controversy later ended due to the diplomatic steps taken by ESPN issued a public apology.

Appearance and Net Worth of Josina Anderson

As of 2020, Josina is currently 40 years of age. She has long black hair, brown eyes and she is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall. She weighs around 150lbs (68kg). Her major statistics attributes are 34-26-35, and she wears shoes size 7. According to some sources, Josina’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.2 million, all of which she has earned as a sports reporter, while her annual salary is said to be a minimum of $65,000.

Social Media Presence

Josina Anderson is quite active on social media platforms, which is obviously expected of her. Her Instagram account is followed by over 50,000 people while she’s posted over 500 times. She is popular on her Twitter page, and has so far gathered over 160,000 followers and tweeted around 46,000 times. She also has a Facebook page with 44,000 followers, but not active. Her last post was in 2018.


It was reported recently that Josina will be leaving ESPN, but no official information or statement about her exit or future in the ESPN network. For now, she remains in the network. Beautiful ebony Josina also has a good sense of humor – she once bet to cut off her hair if Trevor Sieman became the starting quarterback in 2016. Josina lost the bet and her part of the bargain – she completely shaved her head and hosted her show without a wig on. It was later revealed it was a bald cap.

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