Here Are 6 Hidden Truths About Kaitlin Olson Plastic Surgery

Every detail. Every single detail about celebrities is always noticed by their ardent fans. If nothing is spoken about a celebrity that is constantly in the faces of their fans, then something is wrong. It is what makes the entertainment industry thrive.

Every fan wants to know how their celebrity is doing both in their chosen field or their personal life. This was the case when fans noticed that Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery had happened.

Who is Kaitlin Olson? What is the truth behind these claims by her fans? Find out as we explore the truths behind Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery.

Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery
Kaitlin Olson and her husband: Image source

Quick Facts About Kaitlin Olson

  • Name: Kaitlin Olson
  • Birthday: August 18, 1975
  • Birthplace: Portland, Oregon, United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Profession: Comedian, actress
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde

In a world that doesn’t spare you comments – positive and negative– it is not an anomaly that some people are the centre of attention.

If you are a famous person, be ready to be scrutinized about your choice of clothes, your body, your relationship, and everything. It is part of what comes with being famous. If you are aspiring to be famous, well, here is a piece of free advice.

For Kaitlin Olson, she built herself to where she is today, and regardless of what people say about her, it is no mean feat. 

Who is Kaitlin Olson? 

Kaitlin is a bundle of talents. She is an American comedian, actress, and producer. Popularly known for the FX comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Olson was born to Donald Lee Olson, a publisher and Melinda Leora, a professional nurse on August 18, 1975, in Portland, Oregon.

But she didn’t get to grow up in Oregon as her parents relocated to Vashon Island, Washington, in Puget Sound, Seattle. She lived here until she was eight. Again, her parents relocated back to Portland for reasons best known to them. 

She had her high school education at Tigard High School in Tigard, Oregon. Olson finished this school in 1993. She then proceeded to the University of Oregon where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in theatre arts in 1997. To get better visibility, Olson moved to Los Angeles to follow after her passion; acting. 

Early Career of Kaitlin Olson

In her early years, Olson joined The Groundlings Sunday Company touring alongside USO to Bosnia, Norway, and other countries.

Her vivid personality also saw her join the cast of some TV shows which include The Drew Carew Show, Miss Match, Family Guy, Punk’d, Out of Practice, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

As a naturally funny person, you’d expect she lights up roles and that was exactly what she did on these shows. Olson has featured in some movie roles like The Riches, Walt Disney’s Finding Dory, Fox sitcom The Mick which premiered in January 2017 among many others. 

Who is Kaitlin Olson Married To?

Kaitlin Olson met her husband on a movie set. After bagging a role in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, she met Robert McElhenney who was a costar on the show. He was also the producer of the show.

The two got along and fell in love. Reports say they started dating during the second season of the show. They married on September 27, 2008. Today, they have two kids; Axel Lee born September 1, 2010, and Leo Grey McElhenney born on April 5, 2012. 

Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery
Image source

Away from her illustrious career, let’s look at the truth behind Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery stories that have been in and out the trends table on social media since 2018. What really happened?

Did Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery happen or it is just a figment of the imagination of some people? Why would people say she had plastic surgery? Look at the following truths and see for yourself. 

#1. Fans First Noticed Differences on Kaitlin Olson’s Face

The TV comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a widely popular series flowed by a substantial number of people. In the 13th episode of the series, fans noticed a huge difference in how Kaitlin Olson face looks. This was in 2018. From then on, it became a worldwide discussion.

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#2. The Discussion Moved to Reddit

If you are being discussed by a large number of people on the social discussion platform, it means one thing: you are very popular. After the episode where people saw changes in how Olson’s face looked, it became a topic of discussion. With many clearly stating Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery. 

#3. Kaitlin Olson Plastic Surgery Discussion Divided Fans

While some were sure Olson had undergone cosmetic surgeries, some did not want to believe. Some of her fans likened her to Wendy Williams and Caitlyn Jenner; showing their disapproval. Others felt it was her body and she had the right to do whatever she wants with it. 

#4. The Truth Behind Kaitlin Olson Plastic Surgery

When Olson was 12, she had a fatal accident that left a hole in her head. This required so many reconstructive surgeries to help her maintain her facial figure. It was a bicycle accident and it had a toll on her mental health and self-esteem.

Imagine being 12 and being bullied for what you didn’t bargain for. To maintain her face, she needs to undergo cosmetic surgeries. This is the reason for her surgery. 

#5. Kaitlin Olson Surgery Was Protective

While many have speculated that Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery was for cosmetic purposes, the intent of the surgery really is to help cover the fractured skull. So, if plastic surgery made her more attractive, then so be it. But the intent was to cover the scars of her accident. 

#6. Kaitlin Olson Hasn’t Come Out to The Press About Her Surgery

While she has spoken a lot about her childhood and the accidents that happened that warranted her reconstructive surgeries, she has not particularly stated that she carried out plastic surgery in recent times to enhance her face. 


The truth about Kaitlin Olson plastic surgery shows that she didn’t get the cosmetic adjustment for beauty purposes, but reparation on her face.

While plastic surgery could help in making her face better, it doesn’t mean she meant for that to happen. By the way, it is her body and she can do whatever she wants with it.

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