Kristine Carlston Story: The Untold Story About Her Life After Her Husband’s Painful Death

Not many people can grapple with the fact that their loved ones died right before their eyes. It usually becomes a haunt of some nature to those who witnessed it. The Kristine Carlston story is worth reading as it showed how a woman was able to navigate life after the painful death of her husband. If you lose your loved one especially those you share a very intimate bond with or those you do everything with, it becomes a really hard thing to process. 

Kristine Carlston story
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For Kristine Carlston together with her late husband, Richard Carlston wrote the book series, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. The book series did impressive numbers spending a whopping 101 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list. That’s more than two years on the list. It is an incredible achievement. How er, unfortunately after the death of Richard Carlston, the book series had to be stopped in December 2006. 

Richard Carlston Left Behind A Wife and Two Kids

Nobody prays to lose a loved one especially at the stage where they are very important in the growth of a family. Richard was survived by his wife, Kristine and two daughters, Jasmine and Kenna. After his death, it became extremely difficult for Kristine to cope. How would she survive without someone with who she practically did everything? It must have been really difficult, but this article is about how Kristine Carlston story changed the day she vowed she wasn’t going to allow her husband’s legacy to go down the drain. 

What Happened to Kristine Carlston Husband?

On a flight from New York to San Francisco, tragedy struck. Richard Carlston had a sudden attack of a pulmonary embolism while on his flight. He didn’t survive the attack. There are no details as to whether he had CPR conducted on him to resuscitate him on the plane, but sadly, he passed away via that attack in 2006. 

With Kristine particularly happy that she and her husband were doing the numbers in their books, his death meant she had to start all over again. She had to find a way to take care of their kids without the children feeling the pressure of needing a father. However, Kristine would take up the challenge of living her life to the fullest and trying to leave the loss in the past. This didn’t happen overnight though, but the most important thing is, she prevailed. This is why the Kristine Carlston story is refreshing. 

Kristine Continued the Book Series

With her husband unfortunately out of the way, Kristine found a way to continue the book series, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. This time around, it focused on her single parenthood. She had to adapt to the situation by detailing the problem she encountered in her memoir, Heartbroken Open. 

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlston Story Is Made into A Film

Interestingly, Lifetime Network will premiere Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlston Story in mid-October 2021. This didn’t just happen overnight as the producer, Maura Dunbar had pitched this idea for over twenty years before Lifetime agreed to film the incredible story of Kristine Carlston. 

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When interviewed about this new development, Carlston said: “I am beyond excited. I never thought this would happen. It’s kind of surreal to me, to be honest.” 

Heather Locklear has been cast to take the leading role of Kristine Carlston. To better understand the role well, Locklear has been spending time with Kristine. This is to have a full grasp of what she suffered after the death of her husband. 


We are glad that the Kristine Carlston story is going to be on the screens. The remarkable turnaround Kristine made after the death of her beloved husband is worth a story to be told. This would help people who have such predicament to find a way to navigate through the experience. 

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