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You can have a best friend who is also your business partner and still thrive together. It is not mythical and April Brown and her lifelong friend Sarah Sklash prove this. If you ever need to see how motels can be remodeled to look like modern ones, then April Brown motel makeover skills are what you should look out for. With years of experience in the business, there are few people who can do better than what Brown offers. 

Still in doubt, how about you check out the Motel Makeover on Netflix and see how April Brown and her co-star Sarah Sklash have changed the status quo of motel makeovers. The duo takes on motel renovations in Canada. The show is centred on how the besties renovate motels in Canada’s Sauble Beach while also battling the effects of the global pandemic. The show basically reveals the challenges of renovating motels and getting customers to patronise. With the expertise of April Brown and Sarah Sklash, the motels in that region have seen a significant increase in patronage, all thanks to the April Brown motel makeover. 

Who is April Brown? 

April Brown wouldn’t have thought that after her graduation from Western University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial and Operational Studies, she would play a role in the hospitality industry. After graduation, Brown got a job with a public relations company. But after six years with the company, she quit. She and her friend found the June Motel in Prince Edward County. 

April Brown was born on June 20, 1984, in Calgary, Canada. We do not know a lot about her early background, but we know she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial and Operational Studies from Western University. She also has a Diploma in Public Relations from the University of Western Ontario. The name of her mother is not known, but her father is Ken Brown. However, pictures of her and her mother are all over her Instagram page. 

April Brown The June Motel

April Brown and her friend Sarah Sklash found the June Motel in Prince Edward County, Canada. Actually, they bought it off on June 1, 2016. Before the name change, the motel was known as the Sportsman Motel. Both April Brown and Sarah had a job. The former a Public Relations Officer and the latter a project manager for the Ontario government. They quit and decided to focus on motel makeovers. After renovating the motel to an extent, they leased it out for the first summer. Money made was then used for proper renovation. 

Interestingly, April Brown motel makeover was assisted by her family members. Her mother helped in cleaning the rooms, while her father was on hand to assist with any other thing on the site. There was no official staff. The two friends started by testing the renovation ideas they had in their heads. From lighting to interior decor to furniture, till they were satisfied with what they called perfection. In June 2017, they officially opened the June Motel for patronage.

April Brown Motel Makeover

After the success of the motel makeovers, the two friends signed a deal with Netflix to run their activities as a show. The show is basically about how the duo renovated a new motel they just bought on Sauble Beach for $1.4 million. The show shows the challenges the duo faced throughout the six episodes. However, for them, the biggest challenge that the show revealed to us is the pandemic. However, the pair was able to pull through as the show revealed. 

Renovating the Sauble Beach Location Was Different

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the pair were at the new motel they were to renovate. This time around, they were not alone as they had a television crew documenting the whole process. According to April Brown, the Sauble Beach experience paved the way to work with fellow female entrepreneurs. 

She said this in an interview with Yahoo:

“What we really loved in Sauble was we had met a few other female entrepreneurs, one who owns The Wellness Refinery, another who owns a cool, trendy taco bus, and I think seeing one, that there’s some young, fresh energy and a place that is kind of about to change and grow is really promising to us.”

What is April Brown’s Net Worth?

With her foray into the hospitality industry, April Brown has amassed a wealth of $1 million. There is still the capacity for more. 

Who is April Brown’s Boyfriend?

April Brown is in a relationship with a 42-year-old adjunct professor, Ingo Rauth. Rauth is the host of School of Becoming. He also has a PhD in Innovation Management and Design. An adjunct professor in professional Development at the IE Business School, Rauth is academic. 

We do not know how they met but pictures about them on the internet suggest that the two are expressly in love with each other. They have been in a relationship for quite a while now. Even though, we do not know for how long, one thing is sure, the two met, fell in love and are still in love with each other. 

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Ingo Rauth only became a permanent Canadian citizen in August 2019. He is also a career transition coach. 

Would they take it to the next level? That remains to be seen. But at the moment, the lovers are renovating their property in Prince Edward County.



April Brown motel makeover skills have seen her get on Netflix alongside her friend, Sarah, with whom she has built a lasting partnership. 

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