10 Unknown Facts Surrounding Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce, #5 Will Shock You

The world paused when the two biggest names announced their separation. It came as a rude shock to many. The truth is, nobody saw it coming. Nobody believed that two of the most philanthropic individuals would stop being a couple.

It was a shocking tale that filled the internet when Bill and Melinda Gates disclosed via a statement on May 3, 2021, that they were no longer a couple. It was unprecedented. Bill Gates Divorce has generated questions.

Questions like, how would the biggest non-profit organisation run now that the principal actors have separated? Who is going to take custody of the children? What now happens to Microsoft? What will Melinda Gates do, would she marry again? Can they still work together on projects that they were on? What are the unknown facts about the nature of their divorce? In this article, we will explore all these questions.

A lot of people are wondering what is going to come out of the Bill Gates divorce settlement. While we empathise with the couple and know that it must have been a very difficult decision, we also know that it was for the best. They clearly stated that they were going to continue to work together to fulfil their philanthropic mandate.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is clearly the biggest in the world, with over $58 billion shelled out to cover costs of healthcare, provision of vaccines, technology, for developing countries.

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Bill Gates Fortune

Both Bill and Melinda have received the Presidential Medals of Freedom from President Barack Obama in 2016 for their charitable works. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft has a net worth of $130.5 billion, according to Forbes. This makes him one of the richest persons on planet earth, just below Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. 

10 Unknown Facts Surrounding Bill Gates Divorce

#1 – Bill and Melinda Gates met in 1987.

While Bill was the CEO of Microsoft, Melinda joined the company as a product manager. They struck a conversation and after a couple of dates, they found out they were meant for each other. 

#2 – Bill and Melinda Gates Dated for Seven Years.

Seven years! That’s right. The duo dated for seven years before they married. One of the reasons is because Melinda’s mom thought dating the CEO was not a good idea in the first place, but the couple was into each other and ignored the “advice.” T

hey, however, kept a low profile at work and usually asked family and colleagues to respect their privacy. 

#3 – Bill and Melinda Engaged in 1993

The couple engaged in 1993. That same year, they travelled to Africa, where they first encountered extreme poverty. Here, they decided to use their fortune to fight against poverty. On this same journey, on a beach in Zanzibar, they conceived the idea of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

#4 – They married in 1994 in Manele Bay Hotel in Hawaii

After dating for seven years, the couple finally decided to tie the knot. The wedding reportedly cost $1 million. Bill booked all the rooms in the hotel, and helicopters on the island of Maui, to prevent unwanted visitors from attending the wedding. It was one befitting of a billionaire’s wedding ceremony.

#5 – They Almost Divorced in 2019

Melinda Gates confessed in a memoir that she thought her marriage will end in 2019. So, Bill usually writes the foundation’s annual newsletter. In 2019, Melinda asked to co-author it. This little disagreement almost ended their marriage, according to Melinda, but they found a balance and it didn’t end their marriage

#6 – They Did the Dishes Every Night Before Their Divorce

As a way to keep them being co-equals, the couple did the dishes every night, while they ruminate over the events of the day. This, they did to flavour their partnership. 

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#7 – They Never Disagreed till Bill Gates Divorce

Melinda in the foundation’s newsletter, written in 2018, said they never disagreed on matters. Bill also corroborated her stance,  he said “our occasional disagreements these days are over tactics. Because I have been a public figure longer, and because I’m a man, some people assume I am making the big decisions. That’s never been the case,” Bill wrote in the Gates Foundation’s annual letter for 2018.

Melinda added that they avoided serious disagreements by reviewing shared fundamental values, trust, and open-mindedness. 

#8 – Bill Gates Described Melinda and Warren Buffett as his Favourite Celebrities.

The relationship Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world has with Gates is cordial. They have collaborated on several charitable endeavours, donating billions of dollars to help the foundation in its climate, healthcare, vaccination drive. 

#9 – Bill Gates Divorce Was Unexpected

So many people didn’t see the divorce coming. Not even the closest to the couple. Again, we understand that privacy is usually the hallmark of situations like this. When on May 3, 2021, the couple shared simultaneously on their social media pages that they had dissolved their marriage, the world stood at a standstill.

They were the perfect model of a successful marriage for many people around the world. Their ideologies seemed to fit each other and their joint venture in charity made them even loveable and admirable. The news sent shock waves to countries where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was immensely contributing to their healthcare stability.

However, the couple in their joint statement, said, they are going to continue to work together. 

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#10 – Bill Gates Divorce Settlement May Go Down as The Biggest in the World 

With a net worth of $130.5 billion, the divorce settlement may require the wealth to be divided into halves. A situation that is going to have a telling effect on Bill Gates’ wealth. The good thing about the dissolution of the marriage is that they both agreed amicably to end the relationship. What this means is, they won’t be settling in court, but rather out of it.


The world is still reeling in recovery from Bill Gates divorce. We do not know how the couple will move on, but we know they still have a lot ahead of them. We hope they find the peace they are looking for even as they continue in their journey.

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