Interesting Facts About Kyler Murray Parents #3 will Shock you

Kyler Murray is an American quarterback. He’s best described as one of the longer-term rising stars.  He plays for the Oklahoma Sooners. In the past, Kyler played college football for the Texas A& M Aggies. He also played as an outfielder for the Oklahoma Sooners team. 

Kyler Murray
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He was drafted with the ninth overall selection within the 2018 MLB draft by the Oakland Athletics. Kyler was  Gatorade footballer of the Year in 2014.

 He started out his football career early enough with the help of his father, Kevin Murray who was once a footballer, and his loving and ever-supporting mother, Missy Murray. Stick around to find out more details about Kyler and his parents.

Quick Facts About Kyler Murray

  • Full Name: Kyler Cole Murray
  • Birth Date: 7th August 1997
  • Birth Place: Bedford, Texas, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Allen  High School and the University of Oklahoma
  • Horoscope: Leo
  • Father: Kevin Murray
  • Mother: Missy Murray
  • Siblings: One brother (Kevin Murray Jr.) and a sister (Precious Murray)
  • Height:5 feet and 11 inches
  • Weight: 88kg
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Black

Early Life Of Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray was born on the 7th of August, 1997,  in Bedford, Texas, United States. He grew up with his nuclear family consisting of his father; Kevin Murray, his Mother; Missy Murray, and two siblings; Precious Murray and, Kevin Murray Jr.

Kyler went to Allen High School, located in Allen, Texas where he played football. Afterward, he went to  The University of Oklahoma to further his education.

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Who Are Kyler Murray parents?

Kyler Murray parents played a huge role in his career success and it will be inappropriate to not give them their flowers while they can sniff them. 

His father is the resilient  Kevin Murray while his mother is Missy Murray. Kyler is apparently from a mixed-race, for context, his father is an  African-American, while his mother is half Korean. 

Kyler’s dexterity shouldn’t come off as a surprise as he comes from an athletic family. His father, Kevin Murray, was a quarterback at Texas A&M. He was a devote player from the year 1983 to 1986. His uncle Calvin Murray who is an alumnus of Texas was a former baseball player for the San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers, and Chicago Cubs.

Kyler Murray parents
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Although Kevin Murray no longer plays football he is still very much in the system, He runs a football training business specializing in quarterbacks. It was from his training school that Kyler got trained and started gaining the attention that fast-tracked his career success.

Although not so much is known about his mother’s work life or if she also played sport at some point, we do know that she is very supportive of her son and husband.

Interesting Facts About Kyler Murray Parents

#1.Kyler’s Father Was Also An Athelete, He was Drafted In The 11th Round Of The 1982 MLB Draft

Kyler comes from a  family of athletes who played multiple sports.  Just like Kyler, there was a time his father was faced with making a difficult decision on whether to pursue a career in baseball or football. Fortunately, he was selected in the 1982 MLB draft in the 11th round

However, his baseball career was short-lived as he hit just .161 in 41 games with the Pikeville Brewers, one of the team’s minor league affiliates. Afterward, he moved to Texas A&M to play college football.

#2. The Brewers Sued Kyler’s Father To Try To Regain His Signing Bonus

Kyer’s father viewed the signing bonus as his to keep and refused to pay it back when the Brewers asked for it. This led the Brewers to file a lawsuit against him in 1983.

#3. His Mom Is His Best Friend

Although, Kyler’s success and development have been greatly influenced by his father. However, he still maintains a good relationship with his mother. She also makes up a large piece of his success and development story success. He called his mom his “best friend” during his Heisman Trophy speech.

#4. Kyler’s Father Played Quarterback At Texas A&M

Once he made the switch, Kevin was a standout quarterback at Texas A&M. During his four seasons with the Aggies, Kevin threw for 6,506 yards and 48 touchdowns. In 1984, he broke his ankle which resulted in the majority of the season being cut short. This changed the trajectory of his career as his game never truly recovered.  Although he declared for the NFL draft as a junior during a time when this was uncommon.

#5. His Dad Now Runs A Football Training Business For Quarterbacks

Kyler’s father is no longer an athlete but is still very much in the game. He runs a football training business specializing in quarterbacks. Kevin is quite intentional about his clients, family, and everyone around him.  

He sets really high standards for them and sets them up to meet these expectations. This trait about him and his academy contributed to the success of Kyler’s career and helped him get discovered at a young age.

Kyler Murray’s Body Measurements

Kyler Murray is hard to miss on the field in his  5 feet and 11 inches and  88 kg glory. His vital measurements of 42-34-36 together with his biceps measuring 12.5 inches provide him a plus within the game. He has piecing black-colored eyes and black curly hair.

Kyler Murray’s Net Worth

Kyler Murray is an exceptional player. The major source of his wealth comes from his football career. He earns millions of dollars by signing agreements with the football clubs he plays for. In 2019, he made $35 million by agreeing to sign the deal with the Arizona Cardinals. 

The agreement he made became more worthy for Kyler as he got a $23 million signing bonus. Although his yearly take home is $8.8 million, he holds a solid net worth of $13million


Kyler Murray parents played very instrumental roles for him to attain this height of expertise in his craft and he is definitely living up to expectations. However, his genes are branched out from a long strain of athletes, he is still dedicated, disciplined, and focused on the course.

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