Everything to Know About Johnny Knoxville’s Ex-wife Melanie Lynn Clapp

When a woman meets you, loves you, and stays with you when you are battling an addiction, then there is no other meaning than that the woman loves you for who you are, and sees a ray of light when others don’t. This is the case of Melanie Lynn Clapp and her estranged husband, American actor, Johnny Knoxville. 

Maybe Knoxville regrets the separation today, that, we will never know as he has moved on from the relationship, and looks like he is living his best life. But, the decision of Lynn Clapp to remain unmarried perhaps shows how hurt she was.

But this is life, and a lot of things happen which may not be in everyone’s favor. In this article, we will be examining the life of Melanie Lynn Clapp and her relationship with her ex-husband, Johnny Knoxville. 

Quick Facts About Melanie Lynn Clapp

  • Name: Melanie Lynn Clapp
  • Birthplace: Texas, United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Net Worth: $150,000
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Children: Madison Clapp
  • Spouse: Johnny Knoxville (m. 1995-2008)

Who is Melanie Lynn Clapp?

Melanie Clapp is an American fashion designer. But it is her association as the ex-wife of Johnny Knoxville that made her gain fame. 

Early Life of Melanie Lynn Clapp

Born as Melanie Lynn Cates on a date that is not known to the public. She was born in Texas, and that’s all about the information we can get on her background. Perhaps, if she hadn’t married the American actor, Knoxville, maybe we wouldn’t have heard of her.

She is a citizen of the United States of America, no doubt about that. Maybe, she has multiple ancestries, that is what we may never know. Her educational background also shows she was educated but there is no mention of the high school and college she attended. 

Melanie spent her early years with her parents and siblings. The professions of her parents are not known. It is safe to say Melanie Lynn Clapp is such a private person. 

Who is Johnny Knoxville? 

Philip John Clapp born on March 11, 1971, is an American actor, performer, comedian, filmmaker, and stunt performer. He is professionally known as Johnny Knoxville. His best performance came as the star of the MTV reality stunt show Jackass which aired for about three seasons between 2000 to 2002. He is also credited as co-creator of the popular series. 

Knoxville grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has two other siblings. His parents, late now, raised him and his siblings. His father, Philip was a car salesman while his mother, Lemoyne was a Sunday School teacher.

He attended South-Young High School and graduated in 1989. After his graduation, he moved to California to pursue his passion of becoming an actor. He didn’t just get to the top on a platter, he worked for it. 

Early Career of Johnny Knoxville

Knoxville started off his acting career by appearing mostly in commercials where he made several cameo appearances as an extra. After several appearances, he thought he would be snapped up by producers but it didn’t happen.

Seeing that he needed to put himself out there to be visible, he created opportunities for himself. He began to write article ideas for several magazines.

One of such ideas caught the attention of Jeff Tremaine, who was the editor of a skateboarding magazine Big Brother. Some of his stunts ideas were filmed and got a feature on Big Brother’s “Number Two” video. 

Professional Career

The series Jackass would not have been possible if not for Johnny Knoxville’s many ideas. He is regarded as the de facto leader of the crew. Remember Jeff Tremaine? He is the director of the show. Tremaine and Knoxville formed a cordial professional relationship that translated into ideas for the series. 

The influence of Tremaine cannot be overemphasized. It was Tremaine’s friend, Spike Jonze that helped the crew pitch Jackass to MTV. Your guess is as good as ours, a deal was struck.

Knoxville has also appeared in other films like The Dukes of Hazzard, Men in Black, A Dirty Shame, Walking Tail in 2004. He was also a cast member on Killshot. 

Knoxville Has a Production Company

With an eye for production, Knoxville partnered with his longtime friend, Jeff Tremaine to set up a production company called Dickhouse Productions. Some of Dickhouse’s projects include The Birth of Big Air, The Wild, and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. 

However, years later, Knoxville would announce the formation of a new production company called ‘Hello Junior’ with a partnership with Paramount Pictures.

Aisha Hinds

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Melanie Lynn Clapp and Johnny Knoxville Relationship

After seeing each other for a while, the two decided to tie the knot on May 15, 1995. Everything was rosy for them. They have a daughter, Madison Clapp born a year after their marriage. But the bittersweet relationship came to an end after Melanie complained of loneliness.

Also, rumors circulated that Knoxville had an affair with singer Jessica Simpson. However, when confronted, the couple denied any knowledge of it.

In 2020, Jessica Simpson stated in her memoir that she had an emotional affair with Johnny Knoxville.

The papers for their divorce were initiated in July 2006, after about eleven years of marriage. According to Knoxville, the divorce was due to irreconcilable differences. Three years later, the divorce was finalized in July 2009. However, Knoxville sought joint custody of their baby girl, Madison.

Johnny Knoxville Marries Another Woman

A month after the divorce was finalized, Knoxville announced that he was expecting a baby from his girlfriend, Naomi Nelson. Later in December, Nelson gave birth to a son, Rocko Akira Clapp for Knoxville.  They married the following year on September 24, 2010. Later, the couple had a second daughter, Arlo Clapp.

Is Melanie Lynn Clapp Active on Social Media?

Melanie lives a private life with her daughter in the bustling city of Los Angeles. The reason she came into the limelight was that her husband was a superstar.

Left to her, she preferred to remain outside of the camera’s lens. She is not active on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and the likes. 

Melanie Lynn Clapp Net Worth

As a fashion designer; an entrepreneur, Clapp does have a steady flow of income. Plus her divorce settlement is a factor in the status of her net worth today. Reliable sources say Clapp’s net worth is $500,000. 


Melanie Lynn Clapp over the years has remained private after her separation from the Jackass’ star, Johnny Knoxville. She has taken fully to her fashion designing job.

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