QVC Hosts Fired: Find Out Those Who Were Fired And Those Who Left

With a whopping viewership of 350 million, branches in seven countries, QVC acronym for Quality Value Convenience, an American free-to-air television network is the darling of fans. With specialisation in televised home shopping, QVC has grown in leaps and bounds since its flagship broadcast in the mid-1980s.

Owned by Qurate Retail Group, QVC was founded in 1986 by Joseph Segel in Pennsylvania, United States. Ever since its inception, it has had several hosts that have gone to become superstars in their rights. But as is customary to a business franchise, it is not all smooth for this company as they have had to deal with their backlash from the public. So, how many QVC hosts fired do we know?

One reason why the public has criticised the management is having popular QVC hosts fired. A decision that has left many people furious why their favourite hosts have to be the ones to take the fall for poor sales.

Even though it is a free-to-air channel, QVC has steadily grown from what it used to be, a TV show where people persuade you to purchase products to a multi-million project. According to reports and media research, this is all down to the brilliance of the hosts.

So, the question then pops up again, why would the management have QVC hosts fired or allow them to leave when they are the runners of the wealth the company has gathered over the years? A mind-boggling question, if we are being honest.

Anyways, in this article, we will be telling you why some of the QVC hosts got fired, and for those who left, why? What reason made them change their position, a place they built their reputation? 

Let’s Look At QVC Hosts Fired

Founded on November 24, 1986, by Joseph Segel, QVC has quietly and boisterously crept into seven countries, including the UK, Japan, Germany, Italy, China, and others. With China though, it is a joint venture with China National Radio called CNR Mall.

The first QVC hosts were John Eastman, Bob Bowersox, Cindy Briggs-Moore, and Kathy Levine. These guys convinced viewers to purchase goods and services. Initially, the broadcast was for some hours in the day, but it ultimately settled for 24/7 duration in January 1987. 

The first year, the company had its first full-year fiscal sales for a public company at $112 million. Ever since this turnover, it has been a soaring rise every year with numbers that are off the roof. This is expected. Having several viewers who are also potential customers would always do the magic of astronomical sales. 

List of QVC Hosts Fired or Who Left

Enough of the history, let’s delve into the list of QVC hosts fired either wrongfully or they left on their own volition. 

Dave King

Easily one of the most loved QVC hosts, King was a host with QVC for more than a decade, helping to sell any kind of electronics you can think of. One of the reasons he became a fan favorite was his genuine smile and easygoing nature. Millions tuned in to watch his show from across the world.

Well, despite his endearing personality, fans were surprised when he quit. To date, he hasn’t given any reason why he left or if he was fired.

His adorable style of sales pitching also meant that he could have a career in acting. Oh yes, he did venture into acting. At the moment, apart from doing Hollywood, he is also a guest expert on one of QVC’s fiercest rival networks, ShopNBC. 

Bob Bowersox

For several years, you are more likely to see Bob on QVC than crawlers on news TV stations. He was that visible. His show, In The Kitchen With Bob where he spoke about kitchen wares, from cookware to dining, was a banger with fans. It is safe to say, he was one of those guys who contributed to people buying kitchen products they may not have used.

That’s right, his sales pitch was convincing. As good as he was, he is one of the QVC hosts fired.  The circumstances surrounding his eviction aren’t so palatable. He found out his contract was terminated. Again, Bob also pitched tents with QVC’s rival, ShopNBC, where he is a guest expert.

Dan Wheeler

Vast knowledge of television presenting is what this man possesses. For Wheeler, he quit by himself after spending several years as a QVC host. While at QVC, he was able to live fine, but his wife’s cancer status played a big role in his leaving QVC.

Today, Wheeler is a pastor telling people about God’s love. But boy, was he a fantastic host during his time on TV? 

Jacque Gonzalez

Gonzalez worked for QVC for 15 years. The Mexican-American was the host of several celebrity interviews. One particular quality fans liked was her succinct descriptions of products. She wrote pieces that captured what the fans look for in a product they intend to buy.

She also had a reputation for building relationships with her fans, a trait that made them love her even more. When she revealed that she was going to be quitting QVC, it came as a shock to her fans, especially when she didn’t tell them the reason. She has a shopping channel of her own called Talk Shop Live.

The Judge family, though secretive, have done well for themselves. This is what we know about Christopher Judge and his daughter Catrina Jasmine Judge.

Lisa Robertson

Lisa would probably take the award for one of the longest-serving QVC hosts. She spent an incredible 20 years of her life as a QVC host. No way someone spends that number of years and she won’t be the most noticeable face on the channel.

Many would argue if she was the most-watched but the truth is, she had about four shows that she hosted alone; PM Style, The Lisa Robertson Show, Ask Lisa About Style, and Friday Night Beauty.

With over 30 million viewers, she certainly was the biggest. She left in December 2014 to focus on her life and discover new adventures. Robertson is not one of the QVC hosts fired. 

Albany Irvin

Arguably the prettiest face on the show, Irvin was a regular QVc host. Aside from that, she was a corporate speaker, brand strategist, and sales expert.

She joined the channel in 2009 persuading viewers to buy beauty and electronic products. Seven years down the line, she left QVC to be with her family before deciding on what to do with her life. 

Other QVC Hosts Fired or Left

Other QVC hosts fired include Stacey Stauffer, Antonella Nester, Kristine Sell, and Gabrielle Kerr who announced they were leaving on social media the same day, July 16, 2020.

It is not clear why they left. Nester on one hand said she left because of programming changes, while Zell, who spent three years there said she quit to focus on her kids. Whatever, fans were not happy.


The reasons for firing these QVC hosts may not be known to fans, but one thing for sure is, they were the fans favourites and carried out their jobs in the most professional ways. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours. 

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