Where is Sandy Corzine Now? Get All The Facts About Sharon Case’s Ex-husband Here

If anyone says Sandy Corzine is like this mysterious human who became popular for being with a popular person, that person may just be right. How do we mean?

For all the popularity of the American businessman, there is no information about his background and family. No one knows who his parents are or where he was born specifically or even where he grew up. Everything looks to be shrouded in secrecy.

If he hadn’t met the Emmy Award-winning American actress Sharon Case, perhaps, he would have just passed under the spotlight.

But this is what having a form of relationship with a famous person does – shines the spotlight directly on you. They were the perfect couple for some fans.

Sandy Corzine is the ex-husband of American movie star, Sharon Case. They looked like they were going to be a power couple; the epitome of a perfect relationship but relationships don’t always go that way.

One minute, it could be the best you have ever had, the next minute, you are struggling to save it. For some who get lucky, they save it.

For others who do not get as lucky, the relationship or marriage collapses, and the two parties are back to point zero. It is a tricky thing, this relationship thingy.

For Sharon Case and Sandy Corzine, it is the latter case. Perhaps, they did try to save their marriage, but if a marriage isn’t going to work out, well, you should opt-out and that’s exactly what they did. 

We will try to examine the personal life of Sandy Corzine and see if we can rummage information from the bits on the web. 

Early Life of Sandy Corzine

With no documentation on the internet about where he was born and when he was born, many media houses speculate that he was born sometime in the 1970s. This shows Sandy Corzine’s age is 50 years thereabout. While there is no stamp of authority to this information, we are not ruling it out.

There is no information on who his parents and siblings are. However, we know he was raised as a single child. He attended an undisclosed high school and would later graduate from a college that is not known to the media.

Apparently, he finished with a degree, which again is unknown. Man should be christened the mysterious man, really.

Today, Corzine gives his business expertise to companies across the US. The Caucasian businessman is sought after to help businesses.

Who is Sharon Case?

Formerly a model before transiting into a full-time actress, Sharon Case has raised the bar in the world of acting. She is a popular soap actress. After starting off as a model as a teenager, she moved to Japan. Seeing that she was talented at acting, she decided to switch to acting.

Sharon Case has featured on some of the best daytime television soap operas at the time including General Hospital, As The World Turns as a budding actress.

After honing her skills, she was cast as Sharon Newman on the soap opera, The Young and The Restless. She still plays this role to date. 

Her sterling performance in The Young and The Restless win her the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 1999. 

When Was Sharon Case Born?

Sharon Case was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 9, 1979. As a young girl, she was passionate about dancing, learning ballet. 

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Sharon Case Career

At first, Case thought she was going to become a model but fate would have its way, leaving the road for her to become an actress. Today, she is one of the most respected actresses. Rightly so, her awards show that she is on a different wavelength.

Case has featured in several movies, among which are: The Wizard and The Nutcracker, General Hospital, Doogie Howser, M.D., Diplomatic Immunity, 90210, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Beverly Hills, Breastmen, Valley of the Dolls, Silk Stallings, Poor Paul, The Young and the Restless among others. 

She has also racked up some awards including TV Soap Golden Boomerang Award for Younger Female Star in 2003, Soap Hub Awards for Favorite The Young and The Restless in 2020. 

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How did Sandy Corzine and Sharon Case Meet?

Before his involvement with Sharon Case, there is no trace of Corzine’s previous relationships. Anyways, he and Case met sometime before 2007. No one knows how they met and when they started dating. After seeing that they were going to be a good match, the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on April 20, 2007, in Mexico.

The marriage was with minimal publicity and the venue was chosen to avoid the eyes of the media. Two years later in 2009, rumors started to surface that the couple was having problems with their marriage and they were already considering a divorce. 

The Couple Finally Divorced

Rumors became confirmed when sometime in 2009, the couple announced they were having a divorce. After their separation, both Corzine and Sharon Case’s private life went under the radar.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, she analyzed her divorce. We do not know if the two have moved on. If they have, then, they have done an excellent job at keeping it under wraps. 

For Sharon Case, after the devastating divorce, she was once rumored to date, Jimmy Wayne. Neither of them confirmed if it was true, so the rumor died a natural death.

However, there was the fact that she dated Joshua Morrow, a fellow actor. Again, neither of the .has come out to debunk or affirm the rumor. 

Sandy Corzine Net Worth

As a shrewd American businessman, Corzine has accumulated a whole of money. Reliable sources say his net worth is $2 million. Presently, Sandy is the President at Nancy Corzine, his LinkedIn says. His average salary is to the tune of $59,360 annually.

Case on the other hand makes her money from her acting jobs. Her accurate net worth is not known, but judging from her ownership of a villa worth $800,000 in Beverly, surely, she isn’t doing terribly, financially. 


Sandy Corzine has decided to focus on his business and has moved away from where the media searchlight can reach him, hence, his private life remains private. 

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