Sean Murray’s Siblings: Hidden Facts ‘NCIS’ Followers Don’t Know About Sean Murray | 2021

If you are a fan of the American TV drama series, NCIS, then you must know Sean Murray. Remember the guy who played Timothy McGee? The Special Agent? Yes, that one.

In this article, we would be looking at everything about Sean Murray’s siblings, his career as an actor, his net worth, and his personal life in general.

There are so many facts about this talented actor that fans of NCIS may not have come across. Not to worry, you are in luck. Here, we will divulge all that you need to know about Murray.

Sean Murray’s Early Life.

As the son of a retired Navy Captain, and as someone who travelled around the world, particularly in military bases all around the world.

From Singapore, Australia, United States to England, Murray chose to follow his father on his military journey. One can say this informed the choice of him playing the role of a Special Agent in NCIS.

Murray was born on November 15, 1977, in the Bethesda Navy Hospital in Maryland. His parents separated when he was 15.

He and his Australian mother had to move to Los Angeles. Again, Murray is of multiple descents. His father, Craig Harland Murray had over 30 years of service as Navy Captain.

How Sean Murray’s Siblings Came to Be

His mother, Vivienne Bellisario later married legendary American Television producer, screenwriter, Donald P. Bellisario, who by the way had married three wives before her.

This makes him Bellisario’s stepson. Unsurprisingly, Murray has one brother, Chad Murray who is also into filmmaking. He is the Los Angeles producer of the TV drama, NCIS.

Sean Murray’s Education

There is not enough information about Murray’s education. But we know he attended Bonita Vista Junior High in Chula Vista, California. His college education is unknown as we speak.

Sean Murray’s Career

Murray’s passion to be an actor started at a very tender age. He landed his first role, though as an extra in the Joan Cusack film, My Blue Heaven when he was 11.

From then, Murray made up his mind to be a movie star. Years later, he landed a supporting role as  Zane Grey Hart in CBS’s Comedy series, Harts of the West.

Murray also made several appearances in the American legal drama series JAG, before landing his first big role as Timothy McGee in the spin-off, NCIS.

One interesting fact is that his character’s sister is also his real step-sister, Troian Bellisario. Murray would also appear in films like Hocus Pocus (1993), where he played Thackery Binx.

He also appeared in This Boy’s Life, and in Too Romantic. Although he didn’t play starring roles in these movies, his character was memorable.

Sean Murray’s Siblings

As the stepson of a man who married four times and had children with all his wives, Murray automatically has siblings. Sean Murray siblings comprise one from his mother whom we mentioned earlier, Chad, and seven other step-siblings, including JAG (the American legal drama) actor, Michael Bellisario.

The Pretty Little Liars actress, Troian Bellisario is also another of the more visible siblings. The others are: David Bellisario, Nicholas Bellisario, Leslie Bellisario-Ingham, Joy Bellisario-Jenkins, Julie Bellisario-Watson. These guys, except for Michael and Troian are largely not in the spotlight.

Sean Murray’s Personal Life

Sean is married to Carrie James, who he met in 2004 at an event. They married on November 26, 2005. They have two children together, Caitlyn Melissa, in 2007 and River James in 2010.

So far, there is no news of separation or divorce as the couple has continued to enjoy each other’s company since 2004. This is quite a milestone, considering the rate of divorces in Hollywood.

Facts about Sean Murray

While Murray is an easy-going man, with barely any drama on social media, we thought you might be interested in facts about him. Especially if you are an NCIS fan. Consider this as a treat.

  • Murray has slightly brown hair as opposed to what you see in movies.
  • He is left-handed just like Barack Obama.
  • Murray has brown-green eyes.
  • He holds dual US/Australian citizenship.
  • His mother is a former Australian Fencing Champion.
  • While training for his role as Special Agent in the CBS drama, NCIS, he undertook training (shooting and driving courses) in a federal law enforcement center in Georgia.
  • He likes playing the guitar and likes snowboarding.
  • He is a sucker for electronic music and has favorites like Venetian Snares, Datach’i.
  • Murray has often said he is a huge fan of David Lynch’s work.

Sean Murray Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Australian-American is worth $8 million.


In this article, you now have hidden facts about the sexy actor you probably never heard of before. We also told you about Sean Murray siblings. As a relatively young actor, there is more that Murray can offer and as fans, we can only expect more.

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