Did The Simpsons Predict the Astroworld Concert Disaster? Get The Real Truth Here

For a show notorious for making predictions, fans went haywire when the news of the Simpsons Astroworld connection surfaced. For context, the Astroworld Concert was hosted by hip-hop star Travis Scott. However, the concert made the news because of the tragedy that happened that claimed the lives of nine people. So, it was a mix of emotions and hysteria when fans suddenly saw online pictures depicting the same stage used by Scott for the concert. But does the Simpsons have anything to do with this tragedy, though? We explained all the details here.

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At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were rumors that the Simpsons show had predicted the worldwide pandemic. To support the claims, there were clips of the show that showed a mention of a virus that would ravage the whole wide world. While the show’s creators have come to deny the plausibility of those clips, it looks like they were real. Indeed, the full clips never appeared in an episode of the show. The same can also be said about the inauguration of the former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Pictures depict Trump as president even before he became president. All of these fueled the rumor that the show is somewhat prophetic.

Is The Simpson Astroworld Connection Real?

With pictures littering the internet, one may be tempted to believe without prior knowledge of what the show’s episodes are about. One thing about fan art is that if they are well made, it can ignite rumors, especially in controversial circumstances. With fan theories on the surface every here and now, it would take a forceful enunciation of the truth to disprove the ideas. For instance, the recent Astroworld Concert has received a lot of comments. Theories postulated that it was a prediction from one of the episodes of the Simpsons Show. The truth is, when you dig harder, you will find out that most of these eerie predictions are spearheaded by fans.

The Simpsons Astroworld Connection is Not True

In the case of the Simpsons Astroworld connection, there is no episode of the show that showed or predicted the Travis Scott concert. The truth is, the art that has dominated the internet was made by Liam Ayson as far back as 2018. So, you see, it is just fan art that looked like a show’s prediction. But, many fans are not having this.

Fans React to The Simpsons Astroworld Art

Before the truth revealed itself, several propositions have made the rounds. Twitter, a popular micro-blogging site, was set ablaze with users commenting over the incident that saw nine people dead.

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Travis Scott’s Concert Art is Similar to The Simpson’s Cover Art

A 1992 episode of The Simpsons that is making the rounds is “The Otto Show.” Fans will do anything to correlate the current happenings to what happened on The Simpsons Show. In this episode, Bart and Milhouse, two characters, attend a Spinal Tap concert. But, unfortunately, the show comes to an abrupt end as chaos sets in. A laser blinds one of the show’s attendees. This is similar to what happened at the Astroworld Concert. Another semblance is Homer, the lead character in The Simpsons. Homer held a news magazine with his mouth agape with the inscription “Bat Boy Accurately Predicts Final Four.”. This cover art strikes a semblance to Travis Scott’s concert art cover that reads “Escape Plan”. Again, while Travis Scott’s concert art read “Weekly World News,” understandably. The sitcom’s art however, read “World Weekly News.” All of these have tightened fans’ hands on the agenda.

The Astroworld Concert Tragedy

With over 50,000 fans gathered outside NRG Park, no one would have envisaged that a percentage of them would not leave the place alive. However, according to reports, over nine people were confirmed dead, and 25 people were hospitalized. Also, there were more than 300 people who sustained various degrees of injuries. The tragedy began around 9:15 pm when people started to struggle to breathe due to compression. Critics had lambasted the notoriously violent musician for continuing with the concert even when it was apparent that a tragedy had ensued.

How do you stay in a house you know is haunted? Well, there has to be something else to this story. Read about the Perron’s family here

Families have filed lawsuits against the singer, and it would be a miracle if he doesn’t nearly go bankrupt with all of these.

Simpsons Astroworld
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We have established that the Simpsons Astroworld connection is not genuine. Instead, it is merely fan art that has taken the position of the subject of fan theory.

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