Where is Boriska Kipriyanovich Now? He Claimed To Be An Alien From Mars.

For more than a decade now, Boriska Kipriyanovich had made several predictions, some of which have happened, while a large number haven’t. But, it is not Kipriyanovich’s predictions that brought him to the limelight. Instead, it is the fact that he claims to have a Martian heritage. The young man claims that he is originally from Mars, the planet most similar to Earth. With all of these revelations, the pressure on where Boriska Kipriyanovich now is has made his parents take him away from the limelight. 

Boriska Kipriyanovich now
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One serious claim Kipriyanovich made while he was in the public eyes was about the Sphinx of Egypt. Kipriyanovich believed that The Sphinx of Egypt hid the answer to the world’s problems behind the ears of Gaza’s sphinxes. Interestingly, some investigations carried out by scientists show that perhaps, the claims are valid. Speaking with such authority at a young age, he has made scientists, professors marvel at his level of knowledge and intelligence. Not only does Kipriyanovich know a lot about the sphinxes, but the strange man also has firm knowledge about Mars and the planetary systems. 

Who is Boriska Kipriyanovich? 

Boriska was born in a small town in Russia, Volzhsky, in 1996. However, the Russian grew up in Volgograd. His mother is a doctor, and she claimed that Boriska could read, draw and write within two weeks of his birth. We cannot confirm if this is precisely true. But again, the knowledge of the planetary system that Boriska showed from a young age should put doubts to bed. 

The Prodigy didn’t grow up with the presence of a father. But this is a matter of a bit of thing as Boriska waxed stronger in learning about science. At the age of two, Boriska painted several images that didn’t have meanings then, but today, a look at them shows that he was trying to paint people. 

The first time people took notice of Boriska was on a camping trip. It happened that a university professor in Volgograd, Russia was in that camp when he saw how Boriska mesmerized older people with his knowledge. At just age 11, Boriska Kipriyanovich became the center of attraction for conspiracy theorists and New Age revolution theorists. But where is Boriska Kipriyanovich now after all of the attention he commanded?

Boriska Kipriyanovich Claims He Is From Mars

You may choose to call it ridiculous, but when a boy claims a theory with some level of integrity about his origin, you should pay attention first. Boriska Kipriyanovich, in a viral video, claims that he is from Mars. He says he decided to come to the Earth after a nuclear war almost destroyed Mars. 

According to Kipriyanovich, the battle took place when the Lemurian civilization took place in the Indian Ocean. For those who do not know, the Lemurian civilization is a theory that the Lemurian civilization sank a continent in the Indian Ocean. Thus, for Boriska, there is a strange connection between Egyptian and Martian civilizations. Naturally, this has raised a lot of questions among scholars of the ancient civilization. But is Boriska Kipriyanovich’s claim valid? It seems so. Read on to find another theory Boriska Kipriyanovich now says. 

Boriska Claims He is Not The Only Child From Mars

So, here is the thing, according to Boriska, many other children like him came from outer space to save the Earth. To protect the Earth from what you may ask, well, from impending danger; nuclear Armageddon as what Boriska calls it. To Boriska, the children are Indigo children, and they have superhuman abilities. These children survived the Martian wars and are as tall as two meters in height. Boriska claimed that when he was on Mars, they could grow up to two meters and breathe carbon dioxide compared to humans on Earth. 

Where is Boriska Kipriyanovich Now: Some Scientists Corroborate His Claims

Scientists have corroborated the story of Indigo children. According to these scientists, these children have special abilities that are uncommon with normal children. So, Boriska’s claims may be true. Well, there has been an acceptance of these theories, partially owing to the accuracy of some of the predictions of Boriska. Although some other predictions have not happened, conspiracy theorists believe that it is a matter of time before they happen. With the tag “The Boy From Mars,” he became a famous personality in no time. There were rumors that Vladimir Putin’s government apprehended him for his claims after there was no appearance of him in a long while. 

Some psychics have said it is true that Boriska is in a safe place under the protection of Putin’s government. 

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Where is Boriska Kipriyanovich Now? 

After a period of silence, Boriska Kipriyanovich has resurfaced, and this time around, with four new predictions that look destructive. First, the Boy from Mars claims that the Earth’s magnetic fields will change. In other words, the poles will switch positions. If this happens, there will be drastic changes in the environment. There is a widespread belief with scientists that the last time this happened was 42,000 years ago in an event known as the Laschamp event. 

Another prediction Boriska made was that The Sphinx of Egypt holds the secret that will change life on Earth. According to him, the secrets hold the keys to a total change of life on Earth, and unless it is revealed, nothing changes. In his words, the key lies behind the ears of the Great Sphinx. 

Boriska Kipriyanovich believes that many children like him are currently on the Earth. These children, known as “Indigo children,” will change the world. In pseudoscience, “Indigo children” refer to kids with extraterrestrial powers. 

The last prediction made by Kipriyanovich was that there would be global flooding in 2013. This flooding will leave few humans alive. Well, this prediction didn’t happen. While there has been flooding, it is not as great as Kipriyanovich predicted. 

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We have answered the question, where Boriska Kipriyanovich now is. Today, the Prodigy is now a full-grown adult. Although, his appearance has been limited as rumors say he and his mother moved into a remote village by order of the Russian government. We do not know if this claim is confirmed yet. 

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