Bruce Buffer’s Net Worth in 2020 and Every Detail about UFC Announcer

Bruce Buffer’s net worth is a ridiculous amount. But first things first, was born in a family of Boxers and UFC announcers. Imagine himself, his brother and grandparent shared the same career. Bruce Buffer never wanted to be an announcer in the first place; his career path was to become a kickboxer with his perfect physical skills and feature. But unfortunately, he had a head injury and was advised to retire before the age of 33.

Bruce Buffer
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As an announcer, he was introduced to the game by his brother, Michael. He became famous and earned $100,000 per show. It was a huge amount. He and his brother own a company and he has not been in any physical or romantic relationship. However, he has been considered gay but these are just rumors for the moment.

Bruce Buffer was born on 21st May 1957 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bruce Buffer’s net worth about 10 million dollars with ADCC, UFC, & Smite. Buffer is currently single, he is Gemini and he is 63 years old. He is the official Octagon announcer for events on UFC, he is known for his catchphrase “IT’S TIME!” He and his half-brother, the professional boxing and wrestling ring announcer which is Michael Buffer, are grandsons of boxer Johnny Buff. Bruce has also fought as a kickboxer and he holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do karate. During his leisure time, he enjoys playing poker and he is a well-known poker player. He has been single and not married.

Bruce Buffer’s Career in Martial Arts and Announcement

Bruce was thirteen years old when he began his career in martial arts.  Residing in Philadelphia and studying judo was a startup for his growth on the field. He got promoted to Greenbelt in judo together with his family at the age of fifteen.  Bruce migrated to Malibu, California. He got to introduce a different fighting style, Tang Soo Do.

He earned a second-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Then later began Kickboxing in his twenties he suffered from a traumatic brain injury and was forced to drop off the sport at 32 years of age. He dropped off the fighting sport but the desire inside of him couldn’t fade away and then he pursued hosting and organization of the same sport.

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Bruce Buffer as an Announcer of UFC

As a result of his inability for kickboxing, Buffer became an announcer for The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and has a signature display called the “Buffer 180”, in which, he motions straight across the Octagon before dash spinning and pointing to the corner which is being introduced.

However, he has received several criticisms over a sexist comment he made in an announcement. He made some shockingly candid comments about two of his employer’s female champions. Buffer described bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes as “Chuck Liddell with a clitoris” and suggested strawweight champ Joanna might need a boob job. It’s probably not the words the UFC would like to hear from the voice of the Octagon when discussing the female fighters of the organization.

Bruce Buffer Personal Life

Johnny Buffer is known as Bruce Buffer’s grandfather. He was also a professional boxer who held a bantamweight world champion title. Bruce has a half-brother whose name is Michael Buffer, he is also an American ring announcer for boxing and wrestling matches. Two generations in one career path!

Both are children of the same biological father, but only Bruce was raised outside. Joe Michael is the child of Joe Buffer’s first wife but was raised by foster parents because of the separation of his biological parents; he was about a year old when his parents separated. Both brothers did not grow up together, in fact, Bruce reached the age of 30 and Michael was in his 40s when the family got reunited. He introduced Bruce to announcing business. He became an icon himself and the voice of Octagon while following the ways of his half-brother. Bruce serves as the CEO of the company which both brothers own, known as The Buffer Partnership.

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Bruce Buffers Marriage: Who’s the Announcer Dating?

Buffer is reported not to be married nor in any romantic relationship. Since his appearance in the limelight, he’s never been in any romantic relationship and has, therefore, been secretive about it. He is single for now! Although, It was rumored to be gay However the information is not certain yet.

Bruce Buffer Net Worth and Salary

As of the year 2020, he has a very good amount of money as an American UFC announcer. He has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Talking about his salary, Buffer receives $100,000 on a single show. Bruce Buffer’s net worth It is a ridiculous amount of money, however. Apart from his financial earning, Bruce travels the world on the company’s fund while getting a front seat to every fight. His personal assets also include a costly car and house in Venice Beach.

Quick Facts about Bruce Buffer

  • Bruce Buffer is a 2nd Degree Black Belt holder he is not just the voice of the UFC, he is a martial artist.
  • Buffer also holds a second-degree black belt in Korean martial art Tang Soo Doo which is similar to Kung Fu.
  • He competed as a kickboxer before he suffered a head injury and became a ring announcer for the UFC. 
  • Bruce Buffer has a brother, Michael Buffer, and a grandfather who are all professional boxers and announcers. It is apparently a family career.
  • Apart from professional boxing and wrestling ring announcer, Bruce and his brothers are CEOs and presidents of their company, The Buffer Partnership.

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Bruce became a CEO and president of a company after finding out he had a half-brother. Today both brothers run The Buffer Partnership despite knowing each other for just a few years. In fact, they knew about their existence in their adulthood, and believe me, it is an entirely different feeling. He lives a comfortable life in his house in Venice Beach.

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