Who is Quackity? Here’s Everything We Know Including his Girlfriend


When a teenager trends on Twitter on the number two spot, even if it for a couple of minutes, you have to pay attention to that kid! This is the case with Quackity, the 19-year-old YouTube whiz whose fame has grown to an enviable height.

It is quite difficult to be a famous YouTube gamer if you aren’t a celebrity. For Quackity and his YouTube channel, he has gradually risen among his equal to be celebrated as a YouTube Channeller. The youtube whiz has gained particular massive movement for his Roblox and Minecraft gameplay highlights

His eclectic blend of shorter comedic quick-cut videos concerning the comments section from his latest video plays is another thing about Quackity that sets his apart in the Youtube Gamers world.

Before we continue rambling about the amazing thing that this youngster has done and how he is close to being worshipped, let’s talk about who Quackity really is.

Who is Quackity and What Does He do?

Quackity was born in December 28, 2000 in Mexico with the name Alexis or Alex. As of 2020, he is 20 years old, but long before he arrived at this age, he is a YouTuber known for hosting competitions on his Discord server. His main competition is the “Discord’s Got Talent” videos, which usually feature like-minded YouTubers like KSI or MrBeast.

Before his rise as a YouTube video creator, Quackity had a penchant for quick comedic plays. He created his YouTube channel on  3rd June 2013 and posted his first video there on the same day.

More than 8 years later and Quackity’s YouTube channel has amassed more than 2.8 million active subscribers. One of his most popular videos UNDERTALE SUCKS has earned more than 1 million total views and still counting.

Aside from Alex or Alexis, no one seems to know Quackity’s full name. He took a dive into fame with the alias Quackity HQ and Quackity just seem about fine a name for a unanimous star.

Who is Quackity Dating?

It is very common for teenagers to have sweethearts, but nobody knows who Quackity HQ is dating now or who he has dated before. You can say the Youtube whiz has been dating his passion for raiding online multiplayer gamers and you wouldn’t be wrong.

So far, nothing concerning Quackity HQ’s girlfriend, past relationships, and dating history have seen the light of public scrutiny. Our boy is currently single, according to sources available. No one has publicly identified him with a girl in public and whether it is for good or not, we leave you to be the judge.

Meanwhile, according to CelebsCouples, Quackity HQ had at least 1 relationship previously. But he has not been previously engaged with any girl, which is uncommon for popular YouTubers. They get the finest girls. It could be, however, that our boy is seeing someone as, like most celebrities, Quackity HQ tries to keep his personal and love life private.

What is Quackity’s Net Worth?

Time and time again, we are shocked by how much people make from doing non-traditional stuff. Things that people don’t see as lucrative. Quackity has no nine-to-five and we can’t tell about his college education but he’s bagging in cash.

Words in the Webosphere has it that Quackity has a net worth of about $100,000 – $1M. While this is mere speculation, we are certain that Quackity makes above $100,000 annually from his YouTube passion.

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Facts about Quackity HQ

  • Quackity has a real name, but of that, Alex or Alexis is all most of the world knows.
  • His dating and relationships have been kept practically private and out of public sight. However, in 2020 he became an adult (20yrs) and it is OKAY if he has no girlfriend at the moment.
  • Quackity never expected to be a YouTube celebrity with about 3 million subscribers. He just wanted to be a regular YouTube poster.
  • Quackity used to release Club Penguin videos on 2 YouTube accounts. “DjYeroc123” and another anonymous account.
  • A member of Discord’s moderation team once banned Quackity from using Discord due to multiple reports from Discord users for violating Discord’s Community Guidelines. He used hashtag #DiscordUnbanQuackity to seek justice for his account. This hashtag temporarily trended worldwide in 2nd place just below #Brexit.
  • The “HQ” in Quackity’s name was of reference to the “Toon Headquarters” building in Toontown, which players of the game commonly abbreviated as the “Toon HQ.”
  • Quackity claims to live in Afghanistan and California, United States. This is highly impossible as Afghanistan and United States (the country that has California as a state) are different countries.
  • There’s no record of Quackity’s parents, their origin, his siblings, and home. In fact, no one has anything substantial about his personal life.
  • Quackity has no records of any academic attendance. Nothing about his life in High school or college. No record of any formal education for the youngster. One will wonder how he learned to program.

While these facts appear exhaustive, there’s more you can learn from taking a peek at the YouTube Gamer’s Instagram account!


The life of Quackity HQ is apparently scanty. We and the world he’s slowly conquering know very little about him. What we know, however, is that he is a YouTube channel owner and celebrity. We don’t know if he has a crush, a sweetheart, or a spouse but we believe that the 20-year-old is worth above 100,000 dollars annually.

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