10 Quick Facts About Young Dolph Parents #5 Will Shock You

Following his death, fans are curious about Young Dolph parents. Young Dolph was a famous American rapper who came to the limelight with his “King of Memphis” debut studio album. The album received warm acceptance from fans and did large numbers. It reached number 49 on the Billboard 200 list. Young Dolph featured in O.T. Genesis’ successful single ‘Cut It,’ which also made number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. He had quite a promising rap career until his untimely death.

The young rapper died in a shootout at Makeda’s Cookies in Memphis. He made a quick stop at Memphis to show his unwavering support to his aunt, who was dying of cancer. Unfortunately, he got killed. Young Dolph was a street kid, and thugs have attempted to kill him twice, within the ages of 17-19. Sadly, at a third attempt, they eventually killed him at the age of 36. It is indeed a significant loss to the rap community and his family. 

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We bet you are also curious to know who Young Dolph parents are and how they are holding up. So please keep on reading to get this bit of information. We will be revealing ten fascinating facts about Young Dolph parents. 

#1. Who Are Young Dolph Parents?

While he was alive, Young Dolph was very discrete with his personal information. Hence not even as little as his parent’s birth name is known. However, we do know that his father is Mr. Thornton while his mother is Mrs. Thornton. His father was a businessman, while his mother was a full-time housewife.  

#2. Young Dolph Parents Are Drug Addicts

Two years after his birth in Chicago, Illinois, on July 27, 1985. Young Dolph parents relocated to Memphis, Tennessee. The neighborhood is known to be rachet and a harbor for all manner of illicit drug dealers. Unfortunately, Young Dolph parents were one of them. They were chronic drug addicts. 

#3. His Parents Couldn’t Train Him And His Siblings 

Mr. and Mrs. Thronton depended heavily on cocaine. They were not fit to be legal guardians to anyone and, as such, couldn’t fulfill their parental duties to Young Dolph and his siblings. Because of his parent’s addiction, his grandmother had to step in. She raised Young Dolph and his siblings strictly. He also revealed that being raised by grandmothers was quite normal in their neighborhood at the time as most parents couldn’t raise their kids due to one addiction or the other. 

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#4. Young Dolph Parents Came Visiting Periodically

Growing up without one’s parents can be daunting, no matter what. Something about their absence, especially on your big days, will dim your joy. But, according to Young Dolph, despite his parent’s predicament, he never hated them. On the contrary, he always looked forward to seeing them when they came to visit occasionally. He considered himself lucky that he got to see his parents because, unlike him, most children never got to see their parents once they plunged into addictions. 

#5. His Parents Are Not His Role Models 

For most parents, living right and doing right by their kids is all they live for as they will be damned to be bad examples to them. However, in the Young Dolph’s case, the reverse was the case. His parents couldn’t care about showing him the difference between good and bad, let alone, posing as his role model. According to Young Dolph, his grandmother was his role model and number one inspiration. Although she was very strict in his upbringing, she wouldn’t even let his friends come over. However, young Dolph still appreciates her and reverences her impact on his life, making him a responsible man. Young Dolph said :

She prepared a nigga for life. My grandma influenced me so hard. She f**ked a nigga up in a good way.”

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#6. Young Dolph Tried To Get His Parents Clean Before His Death

Despite how hard their predicament made it for them to be loved by their children, Young Dolph still loved his parents. As a growing child, he made it a life goal to rehabilitate his parents and help them overcome their addiction. In an interview with The Guardian, he said:

 “I told my grandma a long time ago that I was going to take my mom and dad out of the hood,” 

Sadly, his grandma didn’t live to see him do it. After her death, followed by the death of one of his aunties, he attempted to turn his parents’ lives around. He decided to quit street life and channel his youthful energy into making music and rehabilitating his parents. 

#7. Young Dolph Parents Are Juice Wrld Relatives 

Although the exact point of relation isn’t known, it is known that Juice Wrld and Young Dolph are related. Young Dolphin 2017 Thanksgiving made this discovery. Unfortunately, They never got to reunite before Juice wrld’s demise. Before his death, Young Dolph expressed his regrets to have not bonded with his little cousin. He said:  

“I didn’t even get a chance to put my lil cuzzo in da back of the RR and give him all the game I wanted to give him. [I] didn’t get a chance to drop the top on my Bentley and pull up on my grandma with Juice in the car with me. i didn’t even get a chance to smoke witchu. Watch over your moms and the rest of the family and tell God to make sure he save me a spot please.”

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#8. Just Like His Parents, Young Dolph Was Involved With Drugs

Apart from the example given to him by his grandmother with a fierce hand, all the examples around young Dolph pointed towards dealing with drugs. It was a harsh reality for the deceased rapper. When he came off age and needed to take on family financial responsibilities, he wasn’t adequately qualified to secure a job. He had no other choice than to sell drugs on the street. Thankfully, he narrowly escaped addiction like his parents. 

#9. His Parents Haven’t Said Anything Since He died

Given his antecedent as a street kid, thugs from the hood have attempted to take his life twice between 17-19. Unfortunately, the third attempt on his life was successful at the age of 36. He was shot dead in front of Makeda’s Cookies, a famous bakery in the hood. Young Dolph met his death while purchasing cookies for his mother on November 17, 2021. 5days later, not a word has been heard from any of his parents. Perhaps they are still grieving. 

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 #10. What Is Young Dolph Parents Net Worth?

Well, there is no known net worth figure for either Young Dolph’s father or his mother. This could be because they squandered all their earnings with their addictions, perhaps they couldn’t keep a job. However, the deceased rapper was worth about #3million.


Like most fans, we send our heartfelt condolences to Young Dophs parents, his girlfriend, Miya Jaye, their son, Tre Tre Thornton, and daughter, Aria Ella Thornton. May his soul rest in peace. 

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